Got to hand it to the Islamo-facists, they really know how to mete out justice. All over the Middle East they are whining about Palestinian Murders in Israeli prisons, but for supposed Adultery, the Taliban stones the couple to death. A couple eloped and they were arrested because the woman was “supposedly” married. I would suspect that it was more that she was being forced into a marriage that she didn’t want. The story below is from the Sydney Morning Herald:

Stoned to death for committing adultery

A man and a woman have reportedly been stoned to death by the Taliban after being found guilty of adultery by a tribal court in Pakistan’s border region. The stoning was carried out in a tribal area on the border between Pakistan and Afghanistan where the Taliban has a strong presence, Pakistani newspaper Dawn reported. The killings are the first recorded incident of death by stoning by the militants, who usually put accused before firing squads, the newspaper stated. The pair had been captured by the Taliban after eloping about two weeks ago from a border area known as the Mohmand Agency. A complaint was made that the woman, married to another man, had been kidnapped but it was later reported that she had actually eloped. A spokesman for the local Taliban told the newspaper the militants had captured them as they returned from Karachi. They tried the couple, found them guilty and sentenced them to death by stoning. After the executions were carried out the man’s body was handed over to his relatives. The body of the woman was buried in the area by local people, the newspaper stated.