Multiple sources are reporting that Charlie Sheen is HIV positive and will reveal he is battling the disease  during an interview on NBC’s Today show with Matt Lauer on Tuesday. On Monday, Today announced the actor’s interview will include a “revealing personal announcement.”Also on Monday, the National Enquirer revealed the actor has been keeping his HIV diagnosis a secret for years, People and Access Hollywood , TMZ and others confirmed he had the disease and that those close to him have known for a while.According to Access Hollywood:

As Charlie Sheen gets ready to announce to the world that he is HIV positive, a source tells Access Hollywood that Sheen’s ex-wife, Denise Richards, has known Sheen had the disease for a “number of years.”

A source close to Richards told Access Hollywood that the actor contracted the disease in the years after he and Richards divorced in 2006. Sheen and Richards have “not been intimate” since the divorce, the source added.

People adds:

According to top Hollywood publicist and crisis manager Howard Bragman, he was approached by people close to Sheen six months ago to deal with the crisis, but never dealt with him directly. “The interview could open up a lot of sympathy for him, but he has to be concerned about a fear of litigation from former sexual partners. You don’t take that lightly.”

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Bragman says he was informed that Sheen “is getting treatment, and a lot of people in his life know about it.”

“It’s been going on for quite awhile. He’s not necessarily comfortable talking about it. It was very hard to get up the courage for him to talk about it.”

“I’ve known about this a long time, it’s not a surprise to me,” says Bragman of the news (which was first reported by the National Enquirer). “I feel very sorry for his pain. And I hope it’s used as a teachable moment for the world. This is a disease that can affect anyone.”

TMZ adds that he has already faced lawsuits from former sex partners:

We’re told things changed when Charlie confided in several friends he thought were confidants … it turned out they weren’t, and spread the word he was HIV positive.

That led to several of Charlie’s former partners contacting him and threatening a lawsuit because they were unaware of his status when they had interaction with him. Our sources say Charlie settled several of the cases and, in return for money, got confidentiality agreements.

We’re told one of the settlements occurred late last month.

The San Jose Mercury News reports that the woman who sued was supposedly represented by celebrity attorney Gloria Allred.

“Charlie had sex with multiple partners since learning his HIV status without informing them of his potentially deadly HIV infection,” a source reportedly told the publication [the National Enquirer].

“Charlie hired escorts, and him being HIV positive never entered these women’s minds,” another source said. “The fact is, he was playing Russian roulette with their lives, while the women were playing Russian roulette with the prospect of becoming pregnant by Sheen, and being set for life.”

The Enquirer reportedly has a video in which Sheen’s former fiancee, adult film star Scottine Ross, also known as Brett Rossi, screams at him “You exposed me to HIV for a year and a half!” An “insider” reportedly told the Enquirer that Sheen waited four months into their relationship before telling her, and that he wasn’t using protection. The engagement was called off after eight months, in Oct. 2014.

Some might say that this should be no surprise with Sheen’s crazy life of sex and drugs and that might be true, but to be honest all I can think of is his five kids and the women he possibly infected. I pray that no one got infected, the meds work, and he changes his ways.