The fate of suspended NBC Nightly News News Anchor Brian Williams will be determined this week according to Page Six and other sources.  

Williams was suspended for six months back in February after a series of on air lies were revealed beginning with a fake story about taking rocket fire in a military helicopter in Iraq.

The delay in coming to a decision is the network wants to keep Williams but doesn’t want to return him to the anchor desk and apparently there has not been a meeting of the minds between the Network and Williams sides what that role would be:

But NBC brass — led by NBCUniversal CEO and president Steve Burke and NBC News chairman Andy Lack — have been looking for a way to keep him at the network in a different, yet-to-be-agreed-upon role. One source told us, “Brian’s six-month suspension is over in early August, and NBC chiefs are under pressure to come up with a solution. The talks are complicated and are ongoing, and there has not yet been a deal. But it is likely he won’t be back in the ‘Nightly’ anchor chair. A decision could be made as early as this week, if all sides can reach an agreement.”

Industry insiders said NBC News staff, led by Lack, have been encouraged to think of alternative roles for Williams.

But we are told the veteran anchor and his hard-charging attorney Robert Barnett are yet to agree and sign off on an alternative role. One insider said, “Many options are still on the table and are still being discussed, including ways to keep Brian at the network, or even for him to leave the network completely.”

The NY Daily News added:

“No one wants this situation dragging out any more than it already has,” a source told the Daily News on Sunday. “But there’s a lot at stake, and both NBC and Williams aren’t willing to give in.

“There’s a chance that Lack will help find a role for Williams somewhere, but there are plenty of people who don’t want to see that happen.”

Sealing Williams fate of moving off the anchor desk is the fact that while ratings are a bit lower since he took over, Lester Holt as anchor has kept NBC Nightly News as the number one news program of the big three networks.

Perhaps they will move Williams to MSNBC which is having its own ratings problems.  This much is sure, Brian Williams will not be posting on this site.  Here at The Lid we believe in honesty.