The Palestinian controlled territories are becoming like a prison, no Muslim is allowed to move out. The ruling is being made to stem the tide of moderate Palestinian families wanting to “get out of dodge.” (up to 10,00/month)

Along with the Muffi the Jew Slayer (the Grand Mufti of Jerusalem) the Religious Sages of Palestine a Hamas controlled group has issued a “tough shit you are stuck here” order to keep the demographics favorable to the terrorist majority in the territories.

Muslim Religious Ban on Leaving Israel

27 Iyar 5767, 15 May 07 07:39

by Hillel Fendel

( Yet another Islamic religious ruling forbidding Moslems from leaving the Holy Land has been issued, this time from the Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine.

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Recently, the Hamas-affiliated Association of Religious Sages of Palestine publicized its ruling forbidding emigration from the lands of the Palestinian Authority. The Mufti of Jerusalem has now joined in, with his own ban, released on Monday, May 14. The rulings are an indication of the great fear in the Arab world that young people from the Palestinian Authority are increasingly seeking their fortunes abroad.

The latest ruling, entitled, “No permission to emigrate from the land of Palestine,” reads as follows:

“There is much talk these days in our land of Palestine about emigration, and especially among the young, and this because of the difficult security and economic situation, and out of a desire to find a living in other lands. Expression of this can be found in the rush to the gates of the embassies and consulates of the Western nations with requests for visas in order to reside permanently in those countries… “Based on [the ruling of the prophet Muhammed and his friends], emigration from the blessed lands to live permanently in other countries is not permitted in terms of religious law. The people living in these areas must remain in their places of residence, and not leave them to infiltrators and conquerors, and they will thus perform an act of honor, and will be a support for the Al-Aqsa mosque… and will merit the good tiding of the prophet… “Regarding temporary travel to other lands for the purpose of study and work, this is permitted as long as there is a determination to return and live in the blessed lands after the stage of study and work.”

Tens of Thousands
PA officials reported last November that in the preceding four months, foreign and Arab diplomats had authorized the entry of 10,000 PA residents to their countries, and that another 45,000 emigration requests were under similar consideration. Similar statements were made in October.