Last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton announced that the Obama administration was playing along with the terrorist ruse in Lebanon when she differentiated between the military branch and a political one in Hezbollah. Clinton’s statement on the Charlie Rose Show came only 24-hours after Prime Minister Saad al-Harriri had created a cabinet of national unity, which includes two members of Hezbollah, the radical Islamist terror group.

Terrorist organizations create a fake divide between political and military branches to give Western Nations “cover” to appease the terrorist groups, and still seem as if they are fighting terrorism. Its as if we started calling President Obama the “political wing” of the US and the Marines the military wing and told people that the two had nothing to do with each other.

Through her naivete, implying, that the political branch of Hezbollah was not a terrorist group, its only the “military wing” that engages in terror, Hillary Clinton and her boss President Obama, showed themselves to be weak and raised the prospect of war in the Middle East.

Yesterday Hezbollah reacted to the weakness of America’s Leaders. On Monday Hassan Nasrallah, Chief Hezbollah announced a brand new manifesto for the group. A big part of this new manifesto was describing the United States of America the enemy of Hezbollah and Islam.

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….. Nasrallah on Monday listed what he views as America’s offenses, including support for Israel, “domination of international institutions,” and “meddling in various’ states affairs.” Its backing for Israel, he said, “places the American administration in the position of the enemy of our nation and our peoples.”

Security Council resolution 1701 of 2006 requires “the disarmament of all armed groups in Lebanon, so that … there will be no weapons or authority in Lebanon other than that of the Lebanese state.”Nasrallah also indicated that Hezbollah, would not comply with U.N. Security Council 1701 which demands that it give up its weapons.”

“The success of the Resistance experience in fighting the enemy and the failure of all plots and schemes to delete resistance movements or besieging them or even disarming them, annexed to the continuation of the Israeli threat in Lebanon, obliges the Resistance to do its best to strengthen its abilities and consolidate its strengths to assume its national responsibilities,” he said.

Those “national responsibilities” relate to gaining several small pieces of territory along the Lebanon-Israel border, controlled by Israel ever since June 1967 when taken from Syria in 6-Day-War.

Other elements of the document included:

  • An Obama Campaign Speech- a lengthy diatribe against the U.S., including the accusation that it is the world’s leading exporter of terrorism, and that “the Bush administration has transformed the United States into a danger that threatens the whole world.”
  • Praise for Iran, whose Islamic revolution defeated “the Shah’s regime and its American-Israeli projects,” and which “supported the resistance movements in our region, and stood with courage and determination at the side of the Arab and Islamic causes and especially the Palestinian one.”

As you can see, part of Hezbollah’s propaganda is saying that Israel and the US are colluding on everything.

  • Hezbollah will never compromise with or recognize Israel, even if everyone else does.
  • The Weakness of the present Administration:“we are amid historical transformations that signal the retreat of the U.S. role as a predominant power and the demise of the Zionist entity.”

President Obama show of weakness be it Iran, Lebanon, or even the lack of resolve to win the war on terror he showed last night, signals a new era for America. This may be the first time in history where a nation voluntarily removed itself from the position of most powerful country in the world.  Our lives and the lives of our children have been put in grave danger because of it.