Two Jews are standing in front of a firing squad. They’re asked if they want a cigarette. “Shah,” says one Jew to the other, “You’ll get us in trouble!”

Ladies and Gentleman we have a winner! I have found the most completely and totally asinine Pro-obama argument EVER. If there is a Nobel Prize for stupidity this has to get it. Like I do during most mornings, I was reading the Jerusalem Post over my morning Raisin Bran and came across an argument that Jews should stop pointing out the questions about Obama being pro-Israel because:

“If Obama’s not an anti-Semite, he certainly will be by the end of the campaign.” The one-liner skewers Obama’s detractors, some of whom have spent a good deal of time circulating e-mails accusing the leading Democratic presidential candidate of being a secret Muslim, or raising questions about campaign endorsers and putative advisers who have taken anti-Israel positions. But it also raises a more serious concern about what the volume of such efforts could do to the relationship the Jewish community has with Obama, an issue that becomes ever more pertinent as Obama moves closer to the Democratic nomination. As one Washington-based Jewish leader put it, “There has been concern that the continuing effort by the Jewish community to make Obama jump through hoops – to continuously prove his pro-Israel fealty – will make him resentful of the Jewish community and the pro-Israel community.”

So you see the argument is, EVEN Though Barack Obama has anti-Israel advisers, Even though there is evidence that he has lied about about his pro-Palestinian background we are supposed to SHUT UP because if we continue to criticize the anti-Israel candidate, He might become anti-Israel. Kind of reminds me of the German Jews who thought Hitler was talking about someone else because THEY WERE LOYAL GERMANS.
Let take that augment to the next logical Step. “Ladies and Gentlemen, please don’t criticize terrorism, we may piss off the Palestinians to the point where they want to Blow up Israelis”What a fantastic ASSHAT Argument. JEWS PLEASE BE SILENT WHILE OBAMA SCREWS ISRAEL otherwise OBAMA WILL SCREW ISRAEL. We haven’t made an argument so stupid since we were wandering in the desert for 40 years and said, “Hey the food sucks ! Lets go back to Slavery in Egypt !”Ed Lasky covered the same topic but at a different angle and its well worth reading–see The Myth of ‘Anonymous Emails” Against Obama

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