Two Important points are made by the poll below. First almost Sixty percent of Israeli’s believe that Olmert is lying to them when he says that Jerusalem is not being negotiated away. Second point is the Shas party must be very persuasive becuase despite all the facts they still publicly say that they believe Olmert on this Issue. Of course a bribe equal to 135 Million Dollars buys a lot of belief:

Most Israelis Agree: Jerusalem is Being Secretly Discussed
by Hillel Fendel;
( Nearly 60% of Israelis say the Israeli government is secretly negotiating the division of Jerusalem with the Palestinian Authority – despite government attempts to blur the existence of such talks.This and other findings were the results of a survey carried out by the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Bar Ilan University. The official numbers will be presented this Tuesday at a special seminar at Bar Ilan. The Guest of Honor will be Trade Minister Eli Yishai, the head of the government coalition member Shas Party. Yishai has stated frequently that the moment it becomes clear that Jerusalem is being negotiated, his party will quit the coalition. if Opposition Leader Binyamin Netanyahu, Natan Sharansky, Jerusalem mayoral candidate Nir Barkat and others will be in attendance as well.PA is Sure to Make More Demands
The respondents were asked their forecast of the situation in the event that an Israeli-PA peace agreement would include an Israeli giveaway of Jerusalem’s Arab neighborhoods, Old City and Temple Mount to the PA. Nearly 70% said there is no or little chance that such an agreement would bring about an end to terrorism, and 56% feel there is a high or very high likelihood that the areas would be used for terrorist bases.Some 61% said there is no or little chance that this would mark the end of PA demands regarding Jerusalem. The survey further shows that 71% object to giving away parts of Jerusalem even in the framework of a comprehensive peace agreement. Only about a third of these – less than a quarter of the public – say they would actively demonstrate against a plan to divide Jerusalem. Approximately 7% of the public say they would even participate in violent protests. Prof. Efraim Inbar, Director of the Begin-Sadat Center, says that the public is essentially against giving away parts of Jerusalem – but that when the government gives in, this erodes the public opposition.”There is great opposition to concessions in Jerusalem in general, and regarding the Temple Mount in particular,” Inbar said. “Before Ehud Barak presented his plan to give away the Temple Mount in 2000, 85% of the public objected to this – but Barak’s plan broke the taboo.”Asked if they think the PA would preserve and maintain the Jewish and Christian holy sites, 50% said no.