The Winner of the Dumbest Tweet About The first day of Kavanaugh hearings goes to Eugene Gu, MD. Mr. Gu is Surgeon-scientist hoping to cure heart and kidney diseases in babies, a noble cause.

However, he would probably make much more progress in his medical quest if he didn’t act as if he had an extra-thick tin-foil surgeon’s hat on his head. To be honest, If my kids needed medical help the last place I would go is to an MD who was a Surgeon-scientist-conspiracy theorist.

This is what Dr. Gu came up with:

Really? Signaling white supremacy.  To me, it looked as if Dr. Gu’s tweet was indicating that he was having mental issues especially when one considers that Zina Bash the woman Dr. Gu is accusing is Mexican & Jewish.

Others also thought the surgeon’s tweet (or the surgeon himself)was a bit odd:

Wow, thanks to Chibi above and Eric below, I now know one word of sign language:

Some tweets showed anger:

Well if it is a white supremacist signal then I guess this proves it:

Maybe it’s not the doctor’s fault:

Heck ever the leftist ADL the Doctor’s tweet is meshugeh:


In the end, I defer to Eddie Murphy to make the decision, Eddie do you agree? Is the doctor a bit crazy?

I wonder why Mr. Gu didn’t point out the real bigots at today’s hearing. Senator Feinstein’s even gave a shout-out to one, Al Sharpton, who among his bigoted acts is leading two anti-Semitic pogroms in New York City.  The other bigot got thrown out,  Linda Sarsour who claimed that women who support the Jewish State of Israel should not be considered feminists.

Congratulations Dr. Gu, your tweet certainly showed you to be a strange conspiracy theorist.  So tell me, do you take the tin foil hat off before you go to sleep?