Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough is not a big fan of some of the blowhards he works with at MSNBC  and over the years he has found wonderful ways to mock the likes of Keith Olbermann and Ed Schultz sometimes without even mentioning their names. For example after South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford had a press conference discussing his affair and strange week-long disappearance, Scarborough criticized the way his colleagues covered the story:

Obviously [Sanford] needs to be judged in the toughest sense politically, but personally, I’ll just be blunt, I was embarrassed by certain cable news hosts last night, some on this network, that took, and the only expression you can really use is “unbridled glee” in this man’s problem and the pain of his wife, the pain of his children.

Or my personal favorite, during a discussion of supposed Bush Human rights abuses with Holocaust Denier Pat Buchanan, Scarborough launched into a perfect Olbermann ‘”special comment rant.”(see video below). Incredibly Olbermann looks as stupid as Joe made him look.

Today the Morning host found another way to mock the evening idiots, For the second straight day, he ran a segment titled “Keep Calm and Carry On” which tries to promote more calm, moderate, bipartisan candidates and positions. The segment featured a game show format where Joe and co-host Mika Brzezinski asked questions which made fun of the divisive statements uttered by evening MSNBC personalities.

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JOE SCARBOROUGH: Calling out the “Professional Left” and the far-Right, a campaign of ours to kind of calm everybody down, because we find – and we found out in New Hampshire this past weekend, we’ve seen it everywhere from Maine down to South Alabama, to Florida, to Alabama, to West – Americans are tired of all the screaming and shouting, so we’re trying to encourage sort of the chattering classes – to keep calm, and carry on. A noble gesture, is it not?

JON MEACHAM: Absolutely. I would expect nothing less.

SCARBOROUGH: Question: If you’re a liberal radio and TV talk show host, and your goal is to keep calm and carry on, do you say of a Republican politician who’s just had a life-threatening heart attack, quote, “We ought to rip his heart out, and kick it around, and stuff it back in his chest.”

MIKA BRZEZINSKI: That’s a no-brainer, Willie.

WILLIE GEIST: Life-threatening, or did it cost him his life?

SCARBOROUGH: Life-threatening. He’s still alive – these guys aren’t very good at this.

BRZEZINSKI: It’s a new game.



GEIST: You said “threatening.”

SCARBOROUGH: “Life-threatening.” No, I’m sorry.


SCARBOROUGH: Question: For the t-shirt. If you’re a liberal cable host, and you want to keep calm and carry on, do you accuse the President of the United States, who happens to be a Republican, of being a fascist, and a liar, who urinates on the Constitution? Now Mike, I would suggest that “urinates on the Constitution,” as well as “liar” and “fascist,” would be a clue for you.

MIKE BARNACLE: It is, it is, and I don’t need a lifeline for this one. Yes. (Pause) C’mon, give me the t-shirt. That was the right answer, wasn’t it? It happens all the time!

SCARBOROUGH: It does happen all the time. We have, actually, some re-educating to do.

It certainly seems as if Joe Scarborough understands the true nature of his bloviating buddies, its just said that MSNBC doesn’t understand.

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