Here’s the dirty little truth about the Democrats who want to bring back the (UN)fairness doctrine. Its just as much of a bailout as the billions being given to the banks or the UAW.

There is a reason why there is very little “liberal” talk radio. PEOPLE DON’T LIKE THE PRODUCT. If people want to hear what is coming out of the radio, they listen– if not, well there are tons of radio stations, listeners can turn the dial to find something they like.

Radio is a democracy If a radio program doesn’t generate listeners, it doesn’t get advertising, no advertising, no radio program. It’s really a simple process.

Raising the fairness doctrine back from the dead, is just another bailout. The American Public has already made their voice heard. Remember when Air America was launched with great fanfare? It was to be the Liberal Voice of Talk Radio. Guess what happened? NOBODY LISTENED, IT GENERATED POOR RATINGS, MADE NO MONEY AND WENT BANKRUPT. Oh its still around, I believe in its third incarnation, still generating no ratings, still loosing money hand over foot.

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In his Washington Post Column today Howard Kurtz added more evidence that Liberal radio doesn’t work:

President Obama may be riding high in Washington, but OBAMA 1260 is not.

The area’s only progressive talk station is changing formats, dropping such syndicated liberal hosts as Ed Schultz, Stephanie Miller and Bill Press in favor of financial news, starting next week.

The move by Redskins owner Dan Snyder, who purchased the station, WWRC, and others in Washington last summer, leaves the city without a liberal radio outlet. Program Director Greg Tantum says he thought the station could work because of enthusiasm over Obama, but that ratings collapsed to a level that could not be measured after the election.

If you can’t find an audience for Liberal talk radio station in Washington DC, you cant find it anywhere.  To put it a different way, Rush Limbaugh signed a multi-year mega-million dollar contract and gets bashed by the President– because people WANT to listen to him . Al Franken, former Air America host, is trying to steal a seat on the US Senate, because when he was on Air America he was talking to a brick wall, in fact EVERYONE on Air America was talking to a brick wall.

The only thing that the fairness doctrine will do is Kill radio as a medium.