When I read this item on Littlegreenfootballs this morning I thought the sites description might have been a bit much. After all The Daily Kos is the number one Blog of the Democratic party:

The Protocols of the Daily Kos

The antisemitic Kos Kidz are at it again, trying to expose the hidden hand of the International Zionist Conspiracy: Daily Kos: what”s with the Israel lobby?
Now that they believe they’re in power, they want to get started on the important things. Like hunting down those sneaky Jews who are corrupting our government.

But to me the biggest issue now is pressing for an open discussion on the State of Israel, and how the Israel lobby influences our elected representatives.I have no idea what is going on behind these closed doors, and I don’t know how to find out. I don’t have an answer for Israelis, but the entire world knows that humiliating occupied people won’t lead to peace or to reconciliation, so more humiliations and killings can’t work. These two ‘warring’ parties won’t be able to make peace until some outside authority mediates and brokers a compromise solution for them, both sides have dug themselves in too deep. Let’s ask for answers to what’s been going on behind our backs, and to the solutions our elected representatives propose.

So I decide to do a bit more digging and found that LGF might have UNDERSTATING his alarm. Some of these people really believe the Jewish Lobby Controlling Foriegn Policy Crap. Take a good look at some of the replies to that post that LGF put up. And this is on the number one Democratic Party’ blog, if this doesn’t make you shiver at what will happen to Israel once the newly elected congress meets…nothing will

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We can’t even know for sure there would have been a 9/11 if we had Gore, there is a very good chance it would have been stopped. But we now have a world changed by Bush, and the damage he did will live longer than many of us, and it’s time to take back Bush’s ‘green light’ and step in, and this will be such a sea change for the Israeli government they’ve bound to act resentful, and to refuse to admit mistakes (they are taking after our president in an unsettling way), but they may very well be relieved to have someone take it out of they’re hands. If there was ever a situation in need of a face-saving out, it’s this one. This no-negoitating position is is ridiculous and irresponsible at any time, but under these current conditions it’s lunacy.by anna shane on Fri Nov 10, 2006 at 08:28:00 AM PST

There is a strong effort being made by the Israeli government to censor and distort information about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict getting into the United States. No information at all is the preferred tactic, because there is nothing favorable to what Israel is and has been doing to the Palestinian people in order to achieve the Greater Israel project, an Israel from the Jordan River to the sea.
If Americans Knew is the name of a site run by Alison Weir. She contends that if Americans knew the truth about the Middle East reality, they would never support Israel in its dead to disenfranchise the Palestinian people in the name of religious or historical Zionism. Therefore, if you post a fair diary asking a reasonable question about how to achieve peace between Israelis and Palistinians, a group of trolls will jump on it, their first complaint being, not again or not another IP diary. In other words, suppression of knowledge is preferred, lest the American public find out the truth. by shergald on Thu Nov 09, 2006 at 04:44:15 PM PST

also found ther diary an unimpressive entry in a minefield that splits our community. As one who has been troll-rated (though I’m still TU) for some of my remarks on Israel, I know how inflammatory this subject is and tend to stay away from it, except when provoked by posts.However, we should be concerned when any lobby dictates or restricts policy, and should welcome investigations. Even if you won’t like the results!At the same time I wish we could discuss this important issue calmly and substantively. But our community hasn’t figured out how to do that, yet.I’m a linguist, licensed to use words any way I want to!

The American public overwhelmingly supports Israel because it recognizes that Israel is morally correct.

Morally correct? Are you high? Those values are then seriously fucked up, but then again, it is now legal to torture, right? That is also bi-partisan. Moral values my ass.

As soon as responsible Arabs decide to recognize Israel, there will be peace in the Mideast. That’s all it takes.

Total BS. Stop the brutal military occupation, that is the key. How on earth is stealing land “making peace”? Settlements are expanding as we speak(write). How are those settlers making peace? BS.
And remember, the dep. prime minister advocates ethnic cleansing? Morally correct!

I said this the other day and will say it again—- we must remain vigilant. I am afraid for the future of America and the future of Israel ! These are the constituancy of the party that controls both houses of Congress.

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