President Bush’s favorite peace partner, the terrorist group Fatah, has been implicated in another terrorist attack. When will he learn that they don’t want peace, they want a bridgehead to destroy Israel. On top of that IDF offices are saying they will refuse orders if they are directed to go out on Joint patrols with PA Police, believing it a set up to kill or Kidnap more soldiers.

( The IDF has caught another PA police officer involved in terrorist attacks. Nine new Fatah terrorists are now joining the PA to preclude arrest.The IDF Spokesman said Tuesday that a terrorist arrested in the Samaria village of Kfar Kadum Monday was responsible for a series of shooting attacks. Fatah member Moussa Ahmed Daoud Akel was responsible for a shooting attack in October, 2007, in which an Israeli civilian was seriously wounded.Akel was a member of the PA police force in Ramallah at the time of both the attack and his arrest. The same force has received training from American General Keith Dayton and weapons supplied or facilitated by Israel. Members of the PA police have been responsible for two fatal shooting attacks in recent months, in which Israeli citizens Achikam Amichai, David Rubin, and Ido Zoldan were murdered.Akel turned himself in to Israeli troops Monday night after troops surrounded his house for several hours and threatened to destroy the building if he did not come out. He has been handed over to security services for interrogation. The Next Generation
Nine more wanted Fatah terrorists in Shechem have agreed to turn in their weapons to Palestinian Authority forces in the hopes of gaining protection from Israeli arrest and eventually becoming PA police themselves, according to Arab affairs reporter Khaled Abu Toameh of the Jerusalem Post. The terrorists will spend three months in a PA security installation, and will then be incorporated into the PA police force, as is standard under PA protocols. The terrorists’ decision to turn themselves in comes shortly after IDF troops held a three-day operation in Shechem and arrested several Fatah terrorists. The operation led PA head Salam Fayyad to ask all remaining armed Fatah terrorists who are wanted by Israel to join the armed PA police force instead.Homesh First Accuses Gov’t
Members of the Homesh First movement responded Tuesday to the arrest of the PA policeman who carried out the October shooting attack on Israeli civilians by accusing the government of assisting terrorists. “[The government] is a partner to the shedding of Jewish blood by giving weapons and reviving the terrorist army,” the group said. Homesh First activists called on the government to fight terrorists and not Jewish residents of Judea and Samaria.Border Police Hesitant to Cooperate With PA
Border police officers spoke to Arutz-7 on Tuesday after Defense Minister Ehud Barak reportedly discussed the possibility of joint Israeli-Palestinian Authority patrols in Judea and Samaria with PA head Salam Fayyad. The officers said they would refuse to take part in joint patrols if such an order was given, and expressed anger at the government.The officers mentioned the murder of Yossi Tabaja, who was killed by his PA patrol partner in 2000. “For us it’s even worse than the murders that were carried out with the weapons we gave the PA,” they said. “Here not only did we give the policemen the weapon, but the government of Israel put the victim—that is to say, us—in the jeep with the murderer.”Border Police commanders responded to the statements by their subordinates by saying that they had not received any orders involving joint patrols. If they were ordered to carry out joint patrols, they would do so, they said, adding: “We do not choose our missions.”