If there is anything more frightening than Americans getting their news from the Anti-American spin meisters at CNN, its Americans getting their news from the Al-Jazeera. They announced today that an English version will begin broadcasting on November 15. Don’t wait for it to show up on your TV. Call your cable operator or your satellite service today—Say NO to Al-Jazeera.

From AP

The Al-Jazeera International network has set a launch date of Nov. 15, although it’s still not clear whether anybody in the United States will be able to see it.
The English-language offshoot of the influential Arab network Al-Jazeera will begin operations at 7 a.m. ET out of its Doha, Qatar headquarters, the network announced on Tuesday. The network operates with four main offices, in Doha, London, Washington and Kuala Lumpur.
The network missed its target launch of last spring, and after that executives said it didn’t make sense to begin during the summer months, when viewership is down.
Al-Jazeera International has not announced any agreements with cable or satellite systems in the United States to carry it. Negotiations are ongoing, and spokesman Marc Smrikarov said he hoped some announcements will be made before launch.
Al-Jazeera International should reach its goal of being available to between 30 million and 40 million homes worldwide by launch, he said.

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