See the film that former comedy writer Bill Nye warned is  ‘Not in Our National Interest’ – Climate Hustle’ is ‘the most dangerous documentary of year’ – ‘Wickedly effective use of slapstick humor’ – ‘Lays waste to Gore’ – ‘Brutal & Extremely Funny’

Regular readers of this site (and listeners to the Lid Radio show) may have heard of the movie Climate Hustle, hosted my my friend and Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano. You can see this entertaining look at the REAL climate story in a one-night-only movie event on  Monday night May 2, at your local movie theater.

You’ve heard the arguments in favor of global warming fears. Now “Climate Hustle” and Marc Morano present the other side of the argument to give you the full story, revealing how even some politically left scientists are reexamining the evidence and declaring themselves skeptical of the global warming hypothesis.

Global warming has evolved to be blamed for a range of issues beyond just rising temperatures or sea levels some on the very crazy side. Climate Hustle viewers will also get a look at the increasingly outlandish claims of activists who, in a form of “climate astrology,” want to blame every bad weather event – and societal evil – on man-made global warming.

Some of the craziest claims (at least the ones I have recorded)  include The Arab spring Incredible shrinking sheepInvasion of jellyfish in the MediterraneanSurge in fatal shark attacksSevere acneGlobal conflictBeer tasting differentSuicide of farmers in AustraliaBigger tuna fishFish shrinkage Longer days,Shorter daysCollapse of gingerbread houses in SwedenCow infertilityUFO sightings in the UKBear attacks in Japan Frigid Cold Winters in Great BritainDeath from heart disease, diabetes, stroke, respiratory disease and even accidents, Heavier, wetter snowstorms treacherous for travel and ambulation,  Lyme disease, swarms of allergy-inducing, stinging insects, along with mosquitoes and devastating pine bark beetle infestations and the spread of forest and crop pests 40,000 dead crabs Shorter, higher pitched frog mating calls, Unrest in the Middle EastScrewed-up love makingThe Japanese earthquake-tsunamiHorrible rash of tornadoes in southeast United StatesExtended severe allergy seasons, Lyme disease, malaria or dengue fever, trauma, depression, high blood pressure and heart disease, Increased threat of wars, violence and military action against the UKMigration of possibly rabid Vampire bats from Mexico, Extreme weather, disappearing islands and less productive workdaysGiant SnakesArmed robbery, prostitution, and drug abuse in Ghana, will make you go nuts, The rise of terrorist group Boko HaramCaused the Seychelles snail to go extinct (its alive and well), Rock SnotIncrease anxiety, fear and depressionExpensive OlivesNo more red-haired people, women will become pear-shaped,  incontinent, impotent bald guys with extra hair growing from their toesGlobal CoolingThe Sinking of The Titanic Illegal Immigration ProstitutionISIS Walrus “Convention”,  Shrinking Goats

 On May 2nd Climate Hustle smashes on to the big screen to set the record straight. Produced by “CFACT Presents” and hosted by Climate Depot publisher Marc Morano, the film features prominent scientists from around the world who used to warn about the dangers of man-made global warming but have reexamined the evidence and have now grown more skeptical or become outright skeptics of man-made climate change fears.
The film is not a one-sided documentary with only one narrative presented. Instead, Climate Hustle comes alive to the viewer with archival video clips and news footage spanning over 40 years. The film presents both sides of the climate debate in an engaging and entertaining way that walks viewers through the dire climate claims being made, shooting them down one by one.

Viewers of Climate Hustle will get an informative, humorous and entertaining journey through seven key sections that lay waste to the media-promoted climate claims. For example, One powerful segment, called “Stacking the Deck,” shows how the notion of a “scientific consensus” on climate change is pure fabrication and is simply a political tool used to stifle debate.

Another segment, entitled “Sleight of Hand,” examines whether CO2 is really the villain it’s made out to be and shows viewers some of the crucial facts that Al Gore omitted from his famous propaganda documentary, An Inconvenient Truth.

Sea level rise scares? Polar bears? Polar ice melts? Climate Hustle offers viewers a virtual examination of the evidence for man-made climate fears. The film features expert opinions and data to reveal that on virtually every claim in the climate debate, climate activists have either greatly exaggerated the issue or are flat out wrong. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the film comes when viewers are told there is literally  no difference between holocaust deniers and climate “deniers.” Exclusive interviews reveal activists who call for skeptics to be thrown in jail. By contrast, scientists are profiled who have reversed themselves on global warming fears, and far from profiting from their dissent, they explain how their careers have been negatively impacted just for daring to challenge the so-called consensus. Politically Left scientists are interviewed who reveal how “lonely” it is for them to dissent on man-made global warming.
Climate Hustle is a must see movie.  So join me on Monday night May 2, go to your local theater to see this  important and entertaining film.  To find which theater near you (and to buy tickets) click here

Watch the trailer below: