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At the end of July, the official newspaper of the “moderate” Palestinian Authority ran an op-ed which claimed among other things, President Obama is a “black president whose crimes have surpassed those of all the white presidents,” and “he is a sadist from the times when the whites persecuted the blacks.”

As the official newspaper of the Palestinian Authority, Al-Hayat Al-Jadida​ only takes positions which are approved by President Abbas or other senior members of the P.A.. Along with inciting hatred directed at Israel by Palestinian citizens, the newspaper regularly demonizes the United States as the leading imperialist country responsible for poor living conditions and suffering in the Muslim and Arab word. All this hatred occurs despite the fact the U.S. has been the largest donor to the P.A. since it was formed twenty years ago.

The op-ed by Ibrahim Abd Al-Majid was translated by It appeared in Al-Hayat Al-Jadida in July 27th.

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Israel has found an opportunity to start [its] ethnic cleansing [in Gaza], because the Arabs are [currently] busy with what is going on in their countries -as in Iraq IS (Islamic State) expelled the Christians and nobody in the [entire] world objected… There is something unclear about the US position. Of course, it is [the US] that stands behind these [radical] factions who call themselves Islamic and are wrecking destruction in the Arab world, and that allows Israel to declare [itself] a Jewish state; yet, [Israel’s] war crimes and crimes against humanity meet with no response from the US… Since the beginning of the Israeli operations, Obama has not said a word… I could find no other explanation for [Obama’s] position and for US policy other than that he is a sadist from the times when the whites persecuted the blacks. He is now behaving with the same sadism that was practiced against him in the past. All the massacres of blacks in Africa and America in the 18th and 19th centuries, all the manifestations of racist discrimination that were so widespread in the US even up to the 1970s – this man sees all of these repulsive scenes in Gaza, and is happy, [seeing this] as compensation for what happened to the blacks and as an attempt to repress it, and out of pride in the actions of a black president whose crimes have surpassed those of all the white presidents.

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