In another indication of the “moderation” of opposition leader Mohammed ElBaradei, just moments after President Hosni Mubarak announced that he would leave office when his term ended in eight months ElBaradei told CNN news that the President had to leave the country in two days or he would be a dead man walking , not just a lame duck president.

In an expected development, last night the aging Egyptian dictator (who reportedly has cancer) said he would not run for reelection (and his son would not succeed him). He also said that he had no intention of  leaving Egypt. “This dear country is my country … and I will die on its land.” U.S. President Obama reacted by kicking him when he is down, by saying Mubarak’s transition from office had to start now, not in eight months.

Perhaps buoyed by this final abandonment of his “friend” by Barack Obama, ElBaradei said that a huge protest on Friday,  will be “the Friday of departure” for Mubarak.

Spoken like a true moderate.