To this observer baseball is the perfect game. It combines skill, patience, intelligence and tradition. That may be a reason why I can’t tolerate cheaters. They take this perfect game and make it a little less perfect. Bobby Bonds is not the all-time home run leader, Hank Aaron who set his record without the benefit of human growth hormones is the record holder.  Roger Clemens…OK to be honest I would hate Clemens if he hadn’t done steroids.

Alex Rodriguez, aka A-Rod has proven himself to be both a villain and an idiot in his latest drug battle with Major League Baseball (MLB).  Lets face it he already admitted using steroids once and he didn’t think MLB would be gunning for him?  On top of that there is no way he would have the backing of his team the Yankees as he has a very fat contract, has become injury prone in his later years, had a reputation of always putting himself before the team and had this nasty habit of choking in the big games.

MLB and A-Rod are forbidden by a clause in the union agreement to make public the evidence that led to the 211-game suspension of A-Rod.

A-Rod’s attorney Joseph Tacopina was on the Today Show this morning and claimed he would love to talk about how lousy the MLB evidence is, but he can’t because of that dammed clause:

“If the vice president of Major League Baseball would be good enough to
waive the confidentiality clause, I’d love nothing more than to talk
about Alex Rodriguez’s testing history, various things,” Tacopina said.
“I would love nothing more.”

Lauer quickly produced a document that MLB had hand delivered before the early-morning interview.

“Joe, that office sent us a letter overnight, saying they’re willing to
do exactly that,” said Lauer. 

SNAGGED by a move he didn’t anticipate Tacopina mumbled something and danced around the offer. The Letter said in part:

“We will agree to waive those provisions as they apply to both Rodriguez and the office of commissioner of baseball with respect to Rodriguez’s entire history under the program, including, but not limited to, his testing history, test results, violations of the program, and all information and evidence relating to Rodriguez’s treatment by Anthony Bosch, Anthony Galea and Victor Conte,”

Bosch was head of the anti-aging clinic accused of distributing banned performance-enhancing drugs. Galea pleaded guilty two years ago to a federal charge of bringing unapproved drugs into the United States from Canada. Conte was head of the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative, the target of a federal investigation that led to criminal charges against Barry Bonds, Marion Jones and others.

Later in the day A-Rods attorney said:

“The letter was nothing more than a cheap publicity stunt,” Tacopina said in a statement. “The letter that was addressed to my law office with the words `Via Hand Delivery’ on top was in fact never delivered to my office but was instead given to the `Today’ show, which in and of itself is yet another violation of the confidentiality clause of the JDA. They know full well that they have to address the letter to the MLBPA and such a waiver would require the MLBAPA to be party of the agreement and signatures. It’s nothing but a theatrical trap hoping I would sign knowing that I couldn’t and in fact would have me breaching the JDA agreement if I did.”

Hey Mr asked they gave you a friendly answer…so say yes..I would love to be able to take back the charge that your client is a cheater and a destroyer of the proud tradition of this once-perfect sport.

Source NY Daily News