Here we go again, 171 “miracle” ballots were found today by the Minnesota recount officials. Just like the 100 “miracle” ballots that were found during the initial count, these ballots were found in a heavily Democratic County. Ramsey county where the ballots were found went 52% For Franken (vs 34% Coleman) and 54% Obama. I don’t know if the miracle is that they find the ballots, or that they ONLY find the ballots in Democratic Party counties. With George Soros responsible for the Minnesota Secretary of State getting elected, look for more last minute “Miracles”

Read the story below:

Ramsey County finds 171 uncounted ballots by

Curtis Gilbert, Minnesota Public Radio
December 2, 2008
St. Paul, Minn. — Recount officials in Ramsey County found 171 ballots today that weren’t counted on election night. The county’s Elections Manager Joe Mansky says an optical scan vote counting machine broke down in Maplewood during the initial count. It was replaced, but local election judges didn’t run some of the ballots through the new machine. The previously uncounted ballots were from Maplewood’s 6th precinct. Republican Sen. Norm Coleman’s unofficial lead over DFL challenger Al Franken was 215 votes before the recount began. The deadline for local officials to complete their recount is Friday.