This is what our schools are teaching your children, folks: A new survey shows that 1 in 5 Millennials say the American flag is a “sign of intolerance and hatred.” Not only do many kids feel that Old Glory is evil, but two in five also say it is OK to burn the flag.

The survey is reported by CNS News:

The “State of American Patriotism Report,” which was designed to assess the patriotism and historical knowledge of young Americans, also revealed that six in 10 Millennials (ages 22-37) believe the United States is racist and sexist.

Millennials are not the only ones who lack patriotism, according to the report. Allegiance to the United States seems to be declining among all young Americans.

Forty-six percent of young Americans, defined as ages 14-37, disagreed with the statement, “America is the greatest country in the world.” In addition, 53% of the same age group said they believe the United States is a sexist country, and 54% believe it is a racist country.

This is disgusting, but it is a perfect example of the self-loathing that the Democrats and the liberals who are destroying our schools are teaching to our young people.

The left is cultivating a society of Americans who hate this country. These liberals want a land where a majority of citizens feel that the U.S. is basically evil and that its founding principles need to be eliminated.

After all, the only way the left gets what it wants politically is to undermine the country’s morals.

So, with that in mind, it should not surprise that the survey also found this: “When asked whether America’s future ‘should be driven by capitalism or socialism,’ 48% of younger Americans chose socialism.”

The survey was conducted by YouGov for the Foundation for Liberty and American Greatness (FLAG), whose founder, Nock Adams, was “totally unprepared” for the “epidemic of anti-Americanism” shown in the survey.

“That half of millennials and Gen Z believe that the country in which they live is both ‘racist’ and ‘sexist’ shows that we have a major fraction of an entire generation that has been indoctrinated by teachers starting in grade school that America is what’s wrong with the world,” Adams told CNS.

But this is a sign that the anti-American left has won the battle for the minds of our students.

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