Two new disturbing develops in the Middle East. New “man-made” Uranium has been found in Syria and additional centrifuges working in Iran:

The UN nuclear agency reported that its inspectors found new traces of man-made uranium at a site in Syria. This site is NOT the one bombed by the IDF in September of 2007

These traces were found at a nuclear site, but according to the International Atomic Energy Agency the uranium they found did not match the kind of uranium associated with the location.

“In order for the agency to complete its assessment, Syria needs to be more cooperative and transparent,” said the IAEA in a document that detailed repeated attempts by agency inspectors to press for renewed inspections and documents — all turned down by Damascus. source

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Iran Joined Syria in having some disturbing nuclear news they have added 5,000 additional centrifuges to its capacity, enabling  faster purification/development of weapons grade uranium:

Iran has significantly expanded uranium enrichment with almost 5,000 centrifuges now operating and this has made it harder for U.N. inspectors to keep track of the disputed nuclear activity, an IAEA report said on Friday.

Obtained by Reuters, the restricted International Atomic Energy Agency report said Iran had increased its rate of production of low-enriched uranium (LEU), boosting its stockpile by 500 kg to 1,339 kg in the past six months.

….David Albright of the Institute for Science and International Security, a think tank that tracks proliferation issues, said Iran now had accumulated enough LEU to convert into high-enriched uranium (HEU) sufficient for one atom bomb.

Another 2,132 machines were installed and undergoing vacuum tests while a further 169 were being set up — bringing Iran’s total number of deployed centrifuges at its underground Natanz enrichment hall to 7,231 — with 55,000 eventually planned.

The IAEA had told Iran that given the burgeoning numbers of centrifuges and increased pace of enrichment, “improvements to the containment and surveillance measures are required in order for the agency to continue to fully meet its safeguards objectives,” the report said, referring to basic inspections.

Senior inspectors were discussing solutions with Iran.

“There is now a forest of 7,000 machines, that’s quite a lot, it’s a very impressive place, and they will be installing more which could mean 9,000 (soon),” said a senior U.N. official who asked for anonymity to discuss sensitive information.

“That makes it increasingly difficult to do the surveillance (to ensure no diversions for bombmaking purposes elsewhere). We are reviewing (the angles) of our cameras, walking rules (for workers handling equipment), where things are being kept.” Source

These nuclear devevlopments prove that despite the President’s “out reach” Iran and Syria are up to no good. And its hard to believe the fact that Hillary Clinton invited the Iranians to her July 4th parties will make much of a difference.

For all of the President’s bluster about know Muslim history, he forgets the number one rule of warefare in the Arab world, people who haven’t been defeated won’t make peace. Its time to ramp up the pressure before its too late.