Folks, for the first time in my adult life, I am proud of first lady Michelle Obama.  What she did today was more important than the toxic veggie garden she planted outside the White House, more important then making up all those rules about what my kids should eat while her husband “porks out” on cheeseburgers at his favorite DC lunch place, it was even more important than creating a new “sleeveless” trend in American fashion.  No what Michelle Obama did today was much more important than any of that.

Today while in Nevada campaigning for Harry Reid, she provided Nevadans, indeed all Americans with one succinct reason why they should be voting for the GOP tomorrow, Michelle Obama told Nevada “my husband can’t do this alone”

Now I have never been a big fan of this particular First Lady, but man she hit the nail right on the head, he can’t do it alone.

If the President did not have the help of a majority in congress, he would not have been able to shove through the Stimulus Plan which did nothing for America except spend lots of money and put us further in debt. Maybe if the President was alone, the recession would be over and we would no longer have to deal with high unemployment and low economic growth.

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If the President was alone the heath care debacle would still be a figment of his Presidential imagination. Without the help of some funky Congressional maneuvering by Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi where things such as the  bill was “assumed to be passed, helped a bill that American did not want, get shoved down their throats. Maybe if the President was alone people who worked for companies such as Boeing and 3M wouldn’t be facing the loss of their health-care plans because it is cheaper for their firms to pay the fines. And of course if the President did not have the help of “pro-life” Harry Reid, the US Government would not be paying for Obamacare’s abortions.

If he was alone, the Congress may have been able to investigate the criminal activities of ACORN which was blocked by the President’s progressive friends in congress, and the Department of Justice might not have that little rule, recently exposed about investigating voter intimidation cases where the victim is white.

Mrs. Obama is right. The President can’t do this alone.  Even in the matter of financial regulation. If the President didn’t have help the Congress would not have passed the financial reform bill. And what a great piece of legislation it was. It sets up an entire new super agency that will be able to track every financial transaction that you make he couldn’t have done that alone.  Indeed if the President had no help, the financial reform bill may have taken care of the Democratic Party sacred cows, Fannie and Freddie, the two companies that caused the housing bubble that lead to our financial collapse.

Thank you Mrs. Obama because you are 100% correct, the President couldn’t have done any of that all alone, nor could he have done TARP 2, and Cash For Clunkers or even the bail out of General Motors. This Country would have been much better off if the President was alone for the past two years.

Most of all, if the President was alone, he would have had to “man up” and take credit for his mistakes rather than blaming things on President Bush, the Tea Party, Fox News, Glenn Beck and/or Rush Limbaugh depending on his mood.

So when Michelle Obama tells you that “her husband can’t do it alone” she is telling you to get out and vote for your local neighborhood Republican. Because thanks to Barack Obama the country is going to hell in a hand basket, and he cannot do it alone….so get out and vote tomorrow and make sure that he is alone.