It was the “blogger” vs the “real reporter” on the Hannity show last night (at least by Juan Williams classifications). Juan forgets three important things when he acted condescending in the video below:

  • First is that Michelle Malkin is much more than a blogger she has been a reporter and columnist for the mainstream media for over 20 years. 
  • Second bloggers learn and report more truth every day than liberal pundits such as Juan have time to lie about. Michelle is the type of person who is proud of the success of citizen journalists everywhere, and is even on the board of the National Bloggers Club.
  • Third and most important, Michelle Malkin is a Jersey girl.  You don’t mess with a Jersey girl– unless you want a major whooping, and that’s just what happened to poor Juan.  Just take a look at her eyes while Juan and Sean are talking… before she even begins to respond one knows what is going to happen and it wont be pretty: