Over the weekend, wealthy left-wing filmmaker Michael Moore sent a message to the Iranian leadership begging the regime to let him and his fellow Trump-hating liberals take Trump out in the upcoming November election,  Michael Moore begs Iran

According to Breitbart:

In an “Emergency Podcast” to his listeners and the Iranian people, Moore said that although he does not favor theocratic regimes, he sympathizes with Iran because of the way they have been treated by the United States.

“I would like to ask you, as much as you have the right to and as much as you want to, I would like you, the leadership of the country of Iran, to not respond with violence to the United States,” Moore said.

The 65-year-old filmmaker went on to urge the Iranian leadership to not play into Trump’s hands with violent retaliation, but instead wait for Congress or the American electorate to remove Trump through impeachment or an election.

“I am asking you to try what Martin Luther King and Gandhi said requires the most amount of courage which is to respond with non-violence,” Moore said. “I am asking you to leave this up to me, give me all of 10 months and I and millions of Americans will remove Trump from the White House.”

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“I have just sent the Ayatollah of Iran a personal appeal asking him not to respond to our assassination of his top General with violence of any kind, but rather let me & millions of Americans fix this peacefully,” Moore said on Instagram.

I agree with his non-violent sentiments but exhibiting a lack of knowledge of world affairs. Terrorists like those who run Iran do not believe in “non-violence.” In fact, they read acting peacefully as a sign of weakness. Beyond that, does he really believe that Iran’s supreme leader gives a rat’s arse what he thinks? Most of America doesn’t care.

The reaction was pretty much what one might suspect, with at least one person wondering if Moore violated the Logan Act:

I don’t know if a podcast qualifies as a Logan Act violation. After all, John Kerry met with Iran’s Foreign Minister after he left office to help him argue against Trump leaving the Iran deal, and he wasn’t prosecuted.

Twitchy said that even Trump critics and other liberals are mocking him for this silly stunt.

He also sent a message to his acolytes on Instagram:

If Ayatollah responds, it means Michael Moor should take a lie detector test. Either that or the leader of the Supremes, I mean, the supreme leader is stoned out of his mind. Heck, it’s Michael Moore, his only real claim to fame was his cameo in Star Wars.

It’s clear which side Moore is on now…

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Michael Moore begs Iran

Michael Moore begs Iran