This morning I saw Mitt Romney surrogate Chris Christie take a page out of Nancy Pelosi’s playbook calling Newt Gingrich an embarrassment to the GOP, Gingrich keeps harping on the “non-Issue” of Romney’s tax returns (the financial disclosure forms have long-since been filed), Rick Santorum accuses just about everyone in the world of not being pro-life enough.

Folks, its time for all this to end.  Instead of working hard for your nominations you are working against the most important goal….defeating Barack Obama. With his billion dollars and ability to spin lie about everything, turning it into class warfare, all you are doing is writing his commercials for him. If you truly believe that Barack Obama is bad for the country calm down and stop campaigning for him.

Mitt, turn Governor Christie off..he doesn’t really help your case with the Conservative part of the party and you already do well with the moderates and liberals. And publicly declare that your Super PAC turn off the negativity.

Newt, same with you!  I get it– the dirty campaign waged in Iowa by Romney’s Super PAC pissed you off, so you fought back with the Bain nonsense and making his tax return an issue.  But what gave you the win in South Carolina was your attacks on the press and your great ideas.

Rick, your first debates were, spent whining, you fought back and that’s great, but stop making the debates about you attacking people.  I guarantee you that Newt Gingrich or Mitt Romney would be better on life issues than Barack Obama.  Talk about your ideas, and why your ideas will be great, not why the other guys are awful.

Look, I am not looking for you guys to kiss, hug and then go shopping for furniture,  I am just looking for a spirited debate on the real issues not personal attacks. The kind of debate that will elevate each one of you individually and the party in general. Each one of you have said that a second Obama administration would be a disaster for America–I urge you all  to remember that.

Switch to decaf or something.

John Hawkins agrees, read his letter to the candidates here