As the left’s obsession with radical transgenderism grows, men claiming to be transgender female athletes have taken 300 titles away from real female athletes.

This is getting worse. As each month passes, it seems that more and more cheating men who were unable to compete as men are stealing more titles away from actual women.

When will this be stopped?

Per Life Site:

There are at least 12 examples in 2024 alone of female athletes losing out to men who claim they are women.

In 2022 and 2023, there were numerous other examples. Male athletes beat out women in sports where physical differences would clearly make a difference, including cross country running, track and field, and golf. calculates that beyond titles, men have taken nearly 900 awards, scholarships, or other honors from female athletes across 428 competitions in 29 sports.

The website currently lists 297 stolen first place titles, 263 second place titles, and 250 third place titles.

This is an absolute crime against women.

Democrats do not love women.

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