Hell hath no fury like a pissed of Megyn Kelly. And today the Fox News anchor was not happy with Congressman Jim McDermott.  Yesterday, the Congressman from Washington State told the victims of the IRS scandal that it was basically their own fault (and was rebuked by Paul Ryan).

Today he was asked to explain himself on Kelly’s show and tried to tap dance around what he said. Kelly was having none of it. In fact after watching the video, I even felt bad for the congressman.

It started with Kelly asking the mentally-challenged congressman if he understood the critisizm of his bloviating during yesterday’s hearing.

I said five times that the questions that they were asked were egregious, they were out of bounds, they shouldn’t have been asked,” said McDermott. In trying to clarify yesterday’s statements, he said he was trying to point out that “once you ask for a tax exemption, you open yourself up to being questioned.” He said the only group that he knows of to be denied was a liberal organization called Emerge America.

“Who cares?” Megyn asked, saying there’s not much difference between being denied and being kept in limbo with no answer for three years in some cases.

The interview got even more contentious after that, as McDermott argued that the IRS never prevented any of these groups from advertising or raising money. Megyn pointed out the testimony of Kevin Kookogey, president of Linchpins of Liberty, who claimed he had lost a $30,000 donation because his group did not have the coveted 501(c)(3) status.

McDermott said Kookogey never offered any proof and was not under oath when he said it.

“He was lying? Is this your answer to that?” Megyn responded.

“Ms. Kelly, you’re putting words in my mouth. Stop it!” answered McDermott.

“People tell us things in Congress all the time,” said McDermott, who added he’d have liked to see Kookogey at least show the committee “a letter or something” to back up his claim.

Watch the full interview below and see this congressman get ruined.