This morning I met three different Illinois Republican Congressional candidates Bob Dold (IL-10), Adam Kinzinger (IL-11) and Bobby Schilling (IL-17) via a conference call hosted by Congressman Peter Roskam (IL-6).

Bobby Schilling is running in the 17th congressional district. Shilling is a small business owner, with his wife he created and runs Saint Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza in Moline. His stances are both fiscally and socially conservative.  He supports cutting taxes and spending and is pro-life. Shilling is going to Washington to help fix the government and then leave.  He has created a “contract with the 17th district” with a self-imposed term-limit promising to leave office after 4 terms (which he signed and posted on his site)

Shilling’s opponent Phil Hare is one of the most clueless people in congress. Hare was made famous this past April when he told a constituent  “I don’t worry about the Constitution to be honest.”(he also falsely calls himself a veteran and made threats to the real veteran who asked him about it)

Two additional things in support of Bobby Shilling is the fact that the progressive bullys at the  SEIU has endorsed his opponent and Michele Bachmann has endorsed Shilling.

Right now polls have Shilling ahead by 7%. Caution, while Shilling has all of the right political positions, I have never been to Saint Giuseppe’s Heavenly Pizza so I cannot verify the quality of his pizza (but it has been open for 13 years a good sign).

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Adam Kinzinger is the candidate in the 11th Congressional District, an Air Force Captian Kinzinger has served in the Air Force Special Ops, Air Combat Command, Air Mobility Command, and Air National Guard and understands the need for a strong national defense. I was most impressed by Kinzinger’s leadership qualities during the call. When I asked him how he will handle things if GOP leadership tries to push legislation that was fiscally irresponsible, his answer was that he is not going to Washington to become part of the leadership, he was going to do a job and that included reestablishing fiscal responsibility. Kinzinger said that he would fight any legislation that was not fiscally responsible whether it was coming from GOP leadership or the other side of the aisle.

In fact Kinzinger is on both social and fiscal issues, he is pro-life as well as being for tax cuts and tax reform along with cutting spending  He opposes Obamacare and Cap and Trade and is  a strong supporter of Israel, while is opponent, Debbie Halvorson, is  a supporter of the Anti-Israel J Street. Ms Halvorson is so frighted of Kinzinger’s candidacy, that her campaign ran a Astroturf protest accusing the veteran of being a Nazi.

As of today all of the major prognosticators see this as the Captian’s race to lose rating the district either leaning or likely GOP, but as with every other election, it will take a strong turnout of his supporters to guarantee a victory.

Bob Dold who is running in the 10th congressional district, is a small businessman with just the right experience for Congress, you see is company is called  Rose Pest Solutions, a small business founded in 1860.  It is the oldest pest management company in the United States.Now if anyone has the experience to “shake up congress, its a man who knows all about controlling pests. Bob Dold is a mixed bag, he is very conservative on fiscal issues, but liberal on social issues. He is pro-choice, but opposes government funding of abortion and believes in parental notification.

His competitor for the seat,  Dan Seal is a fiscal liberal and more of a social liberal than Dold. Additionally Dold is a “drill here drill now” type of guy while Seal is a “global warming moonbat”

During the conference call Dold introduced a commercial where he receives an endorsement from one of Seals “relatives.”

While polls show Dold behind, he is surging as the DNCC is dumping money into the district to support Mr.Seal his opponent. The Democrats spent $632,000 on TV ads in the 10th District race last week, more than double what it had spent in the race previously

If you live in or near these districts take a look at these candidates, as with your help they will be opposing the Progressive Agenda that is driving our country into bankruptcy.