The elitists in the Mainstream media as well as the progressives in Congress so petrified of the Tea Party movement, that they continue to heap false charges against Tea Party protesters. They continually look for any way to show their acute disdain for this grass roots movement of the American people, by taking one over-the- top protest sign, or lacking that creating a fake report of  hateful signs, inappropriate conduct or even violence in their effort to de-legitimize the entire movement.

Perhaps the most egregious of the hundreds of example of  fabricated tea party bigotry occurred last March during the last days of the Obamacare vote, when the progressives in  Mainstream Media claimed that racial epithets were hurled at Lewis:

Democrat, claims that tea party protesters today hurled racial slurs at fellow CBC member Rep. John Lewis, a Democrat from Georgia. Mr. Carson said that “hundreds of people” were chanting “kill the bill” and he heard “at least 15 times” the “n – word” being thrown around.

This claim was a lie, there has never been any proof of this incident despite a $100 thousand dollar reward offered by Andrew Brietbart, for any proof. If there was proof Media Matters would have provided it to every news organization within 10 minutes of it happening.  What does Lewis say about the “n” word incident? Nothing. He has never confirmed the incident nor denied it.

As many of you know, this week in Wisconsin local public employee unions, with the help of bussed in protesters from the President’s PAC Organizing for America, are rallying outside the  state capital to demonstrate their anger over the Governor’s budget which calls for state workers to contribute to their pension and health plans (albeit to a lower extent than private workers do). The tone, language, and hate speech displayed by these state workers and the demonstrators from the president’s PAC are just as hateful and more widespread than anything real or manufactured about the Tea Party.  None of this hatred is being reported in the mainstream media.

Things started getting nasty when unions started calling Wisconsin Governor Walker “Mini-Mubarak” comparing his actions to that of the recently deposed Egyptian despot.  Along with the hateful analogy, the creators of this ditty said  the governor had “threatened to call out the National Guard if workers protest against these cuts!” According to the  PolitiFact, this was a lie. He said nothing about the National Guard and protests– he said he would call up the Guard if they did anything to disrupt state services. The role of the guard would be to continue the interrupted services. Did the media blast this inaccuracy and this fake Mubarak analogy? No they hopped on the bandwagon.

At the same time Harold Meyerson wrote and  op-ed by  Washington Post titled, “Wisconsin’s pharaoh tries to silence unions.” Meyerson repeated the lie about Walker and the National Guard  calling it a throw-back to the days of violent 19th-century union busting in the United States.

As the budget vote neared the protest rhetoric got more hate and violence oriented, comparing the governor to Hitler, Rapists and drawing targets on his face.  Most disturbing is the fact that many of these protesters are teachers responsible for our children.

Here are some of the pictures of hate signs not covered by the mainstream media:

Remember how the media blasted Sarah Palin for a map that placed targets over congressional districts right after the Tucson shootings?   Which is worse that map or this protest poster below which seems to be a suggestion of violence against the governor?

Here are some posters carried by some educators who participated in some of the teacher rallies:

Hopefully these people were not reading teachers because the bill does not outlaw unions. So someone needs some remedial reading.

Another popular hate theme of the union protesters has been comparing the Governor to dictators and Hitler. Hopefully these signs were not carried by Social Studies or History teachers who should actually understand what a dictator is and what Hitler was.

None of this hateful violent rhetoric was covered by the Mainstream Media, MSNBC or CNN, for example this is what was shown on MSNBC last night

This was the CNN video

The truth of it all is when it comes to hate speech, the progressive media is quick to use one crazy to stereotype everybody on the right, or even worse they make up stories of racism or hate speech. But when it comes to issues that they disagree with,  the progressive feels free to use that kind of distasteful rhetoric against others, and they receive “cover” from their friends in the leftist media who do not feel it “important enough to report this kind of hateful speech on the part of protesters who they agree with.