McDonald’s has been forced to buy back all 22 5 of its franchise restaurants in Isra3l after a boycott over the decision to give thousands of free meals to members of the Israeli military.

After many of the franchise restaurants in Israel donated the meals to members of the Israeli Defense Forces, McDonald’s locations in several Muslim countries were hit was a debilitating boycott. Locations in Middle East, Indonesia, and France have suffered an intense boycott of the actions of the franchisees in Israel, according to the Daily Mail.

McDonald’s sells outlets to franchise operators, but also has many corporate-owned locations.

But now the world’s largest restaurant chain will cease selling franchise stores in Israel.

The company hopes that the move will let Muslim customers in other countries know that it is taking control of its locations in Israel and will not allow individual owners to make decisions that might impact the brand on a global scale.

The incident highlights how most multi-national corporations are anti-Israel and how the left-wing elites bend over backwards to allow radical Islamist terrorists to gain the upper hand all across the world.

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