This is a perfect example of why many Republicans are angry at party leadership.

Last night Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell came up with what he probably thinks is a bold ‘Plan B’ for the Iran vote, it’s actually an act of cowardice. McConnell announced that if Democrats continue to filibuster, he will offer a new amendment on the President’s deal with Iran. This one will say that the President can’t go forward with the sanctions relief to Iran unless or until the Iranian regime releases American prisoners held in Iran AND Iran recognizes Israel as a state.

While I agree with the sentiments, the idea is not smart.  Firstly it encourages the anti-Semites in this country who believe that the Jewish Lobby controls everything and the only reason to oppose the Iran deal is to protect Israel—which is loads of nonsense.  It is true that a nuclear Iran threatens Israel, but the Ayatollah’s lemmings are also screaming “death to America!”  That is the primary reason the senate should be trying to kill the deal. Iran doesn’t need a ballistic missile program to nuke Israel its to reach the United States.  Iran did not encourage Hezbollah to build a terrorist network throughout South America to attack Israel, it is to attack the United States.

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So now the Majority Leader will give the Democrats a chance to filibuster the question whether or not American prisoners should be released and Israel recognized as a state before billions of dollars are released to the Iranian regime. In other words a giant plate of nothing.

As usual leadership is ignoring the bold step the Democrats would take if they were in power the “nuclear option.” Make it a no filibuster vote. Last week on the Hugh Hewitt show John McCain said it should be considered and Marco Rubio supported the Idea:

We are debating an issue that’s existential to allies of our, that ultimately imperils the security of the world. And if ever there was a time where you would consider something like that, it would be this. Now you still have the veto power problem, and that is Constitutional. You still have to be able to overcome a presidential veto. But that remains an impediment to ultimately stopping this. But look, I’m open to all those options, but I think the best way to bring this deal to an end is to, in about 14-15 a months, elect a president that will end this deal on their first day in office.

And Charles Krauthammer suggested it on Fox News last night:

“Look, the whole idea of any of this is to get on the record, for the future, what the vote is on this treaty, which will live for a very long time, so that any future president will have an easier time getting out of it,” Krauthammer said on Tuesday’s Special Report. “It’s to delegitimize it.” “The Democrats want to hide that by not having a vote,” he continued. “That’s why they’re filibustering.” “McConnell wants to put them on the record about something about Israel,” Krauthammer said. “I don’t think that’s the wisest move.” Instead, Krauthammer suggests the Senate follow the House strategy: “You want to put them on the record? Introduce an amendment that says what the House bill does; that the treaty was never submitted as required because it doesn’t include all of the documents — meaning, the secret IAEA deals, which allow Iran to inspect itself.” He then went further, asking why McConnell isn’t invoking the nuclear option. “If Harry Reid applied it so he could get 2-3 judicial appointments through the Second Circuit, then why not do it over the most important treaty of our time?”

If Mitch McConnell really believes getting the Democrats on record will influence the vote, or help in years to come, then its time to throw away the cowardice, and be the leader you promised to be, get rid of the filibuster for this Iran vote.