Earlier this week,  NY Senator Chuck Schumer got caught with his pants down. He was  heard urging fellow progressives to use the word extreme for the spending cuts and the tea party’s “control” over House Republican speaker John A. Boehner, without realizing the reporters were already on the line. Today the Honorable Blowhard From the People’s Republic of New York, received a polite blasting from Senate Minority Leader Mich McConnell.

“We’ve got one Democrat leader coaching his colleagues to describe any Republican idea as ‘extreme,'” McConnell said. “That’s why other Democrats are attempting to marginalize an entire group of people in this country … I’m referring, of course, to the Tea Party.”

“Despite the Democrat leadership’s talking points, these folks are not radicals. They’re our next-door neighbors and our friends,”

The real extremists, he said, are the Democrats, who are resisting the deep cuts written into the House budget bill that would fund the rest of this year. They argue that the cuts could damage the fragile economy, leaving both sides in a standoff with federal funding set to run out April 8.

“If you ask me, the goals of the Tea Party sound pretty reasonable,” McConnell said. “What’s extreme is spending more than a trillion and a half dollars than we have in a single year. This is the Democrats’ approach. This is what’s extreme.”

Watch the video below (if you cannot see video click here)

McConnell’s speech defense of the tea party was seen as a welcome to the spending activists who are converging on the Capitol today to call for deeper spending cuts and defunding Obamacare.