My Personal opinion is that John McCain won the debate last night. It is also my opinion that Senator McCain might have very well lost the election last night. While John McCain won the debate on points, he had so many “Knock-out” blows that he could have delivered, but he didn’t. Especially on the economy, which all polls say are people’s most important issue. When you let your opponent off the hook it usually comes back an bites you and it shows in the post-election numbers. Most of the Pundits thought that McCain won, but most of the voters polled thought that Obama won and its their opinion that counts:

Missed Opportunity 1 explaining why he suspended his campaign- Lehrer asked:Gentlemen, at this very moment tonight, where do you stand on the financial recovery plan? Here is where McCain should have shown his statesmanship. He should have talked about how before he came back to DC the Republicans were not supporting what was being negotiated, now he brought all parties together and they are all negotiating toward a bi-partisan .

Missed Opportunity 2 explaining his history of trying to fix fannie and freddie. When Obama said that McCain believed in Deregulation, McCain gave a tepid response: But — but let me — let me point out, I also warned about Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and warned about corporate greed and excess, and CEO pay, and all that. A lot of us saw this train wreck coming.

McCain should have mentioned that he introduced legislation to fix the GSO’s over two years ago but it was squelched by the Democratic party.

Missed Opportunity 3- Obama’s tax plan. McCain Got slaughtered on this. Why didn’t he say that 33% of the People that will be getting refunds on the Obama plan, already d0n’t pay taxes. Why didn’t he say that 5% of the people who Obama is leaving out of his tax cuts already pay 35% of the taxes. The difference between the plans is not the middle class, it that the Obama plan takes money from people who pay taxes and gives it to people who don’t pay taxes. When Obama mentioned windfall taxes, why didn’t McCain ask Obama to DEFINE winfall and nail him on the industry averages. Why didn’t McCain Nail Obama on the FICA tax which will be imposed on anyone making more than 100,000 or the increase in capital gains, which will effect us all and supress economic growth?

Missed Opportunity 4-Drill, Drill, Drill. When they were talking about Energy he should have turned to Obama and asked, Will you join me in calling for the Congress to enact legistlation that will stop the environmental law suits that will delay drilling? Will you join me in calling for Senator Reid, to refrain from sneaking anti-shale oil drilling into legislation as he tried to with the continuation bill that was blocked by Senate Republicans this past Thursday.

Missed Opportunity 5-Health Care. Did you know that McCain wants to give a $5,000 health care tax break so families can pick out their own health care and the government will help them pay for it? Well if you didn’t know before the debate you won’t know after. McCain did NOT explain his health care plan, and the dangers of socialized medicine.

Missed Opportunity 6- When Obama said that he would delay some of his alternate fuel source research to help pay for the Bank bail out, McCain should have Jumped in, Wait if you don’t want drilling and you delay the alternate energy research which MIGHT give us energy ten years from now, what are the people in mainstreet going to use to drive to work?

If McCain took advantage of just THREE of those opportunities he could have been the clear winner, instead if anyone gets a bounce from the first debate, it will be Obama. There are two more debates and the VP debate left. McCain HAS to win the last two DECISIVELY and Governor Palin must hold her own against biden, otherwise we may have to face the possibility of four years of disaster for America.