New York’s Mayor Mommy is at it again. First it was smoking, then it was
triglycerides, big sodas and baby formula (yes he even has city hospitals hide the baby formula in an attempt to force women to nurse).  Lets face it the guy who
believes in abortion because government has no right to make decisions
about a woman’s body is sure making lots of decisions about the bodies
of both genders.
Now the mommy mayor has a new target; sweet tea, energy drinks and fruit juices.

Learning from the overturning of his soda ban by  New York Supreme Court Judge Milton Tingling three months ago the Mommy Mayor isn’t trying to ban food, he is just wasting of NYC’s very limited financial resources on an advertising campaign.

New York City’s health department launched a series of TV and bus ads on Monday that warn people about the high sugar content in drinks that are seemingly healthy.

One of the television ads shows a young boy happily slurping on a juice box. The scene takes a dramatic turn when it flashes to what appears to be a patient being operated on with the words “amputation,” “heart attack,” “vision loss” and “kidney failure” appearing on the screen. The patient then flatlines…

“Fruit-flavored drinks are not a healthy choice,” a voiceover says after the cheerful music resumes, instead suggesting that parents should switch out their unhealthy drinks with water, seltzer, skim milk and fresh fruit.

Soft drink makers and sellers are currently suing the city over efforts to restrict the sizes of soda sold in many eateries. If the city gets its way, any soft drink over 16 ounces will be outlawed across the city by March 2013.

According to the New York City Health Department, more than half of adult New Yorkers are overweight or obese. Mayor Bloomberg has argued that the government has a responsibility to regulate what people put into their bodies and help curb the growing obesity problem.

What ever happened to government doesn’t belong in a persons body? 

What ever happened to fiscal responsibility? Does New York City have all that spare money to create ads and commercials and purchase media time?

And it’s not that change in eating habits will save money in the long term. The government has no financial interest in telling someone what they can eat.  Not even a financial interest as .Jonah Goldberg explained in his  book, The Tyranny of Cliches (a must read):

Think about it–nearly every person who dies before they retire saves
society money, because that way the government gets to pocket their
Social Security and Medicare tax payments without paying anything back
out. Moreover, the older you get, the more medical costs accumulate.
From a purely actuarial perspective, all of these people…who claim
that our health-care system needs to be reformed because our life
expectancy is too low (its not) miss the point that if we dramatically
increased life expectancy in this country we would lose money on the
deal, because that would mean dramatically increasing the length of time
old people collect retirement benefits and increasing the number of
claims they make on the health-care system.

In other words “the state” has no interest in keeping us healthy. The
only reason for these rules is that Bloomberg’s progressive policies
direct him to tell people how to live their lives. That is not the supposed to be the role of our government per the US Constitution, a document I suspect the Mommy Mayor cares very little about.