This Shabbos, I was sitting on my easy chair reading the Jewish Week when to my surprise I found inside a special section celebrating the 40 years since the Six Day War. With everything else going on in Israel, it slipped my mind that the 4oth anniversary of this world-changing event was just a month away. But by looking at the two together you can see how similar today’s events are to those of May 1967. Back in May 1967 there was a Mid-East Peace Plan being offered by the Arab League– just like today. Most of the elements were the same as the Saudi Plan voted on by the Arab League just a few weeks ago. For example land for peace. Both plans offered the Jews a chance for peace if they would just get out of occupied territory. Forty years ago everything between the Jordan river and the Mediterranean Sea was considered occupied territory. Today Fatah, which is run by the moderate Abbas and Hamas, the dominant party in the Palestinian Authority Government, both have the same definition of “occupied territory” as the Arab League 40 years ago, ALL of Israel. The Right of Return. Back in 1967, when the Armies of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and Egypt were poised to attack Israel, they didn’t demand a right of return like today, they offered one. They gave the Jews in Israel the right to return to the country their ancestors came from, before the Arabs attacked and drove the rest of the Jews into the sea. Jerusalem as Capital of a Palestinian State. That wasn’t a problem back then. AmmanJordan was the capital of the Palestinian State. Part of Jerusalem was the capital of Israel. Besides the peace efforts there are other similarities between May 2007 and May 1967. For example, back then Jews were were not allowed on the Temple Mount by the Palestinians. Today Jews are not allowed on the Temple Mount by the Israeli Government. The Straits of Tiran: On May 22, 1967,Egypt announced it was closing the Straits of Tiran to all Israeli shipping. This meant that Israeli shipping trade with countries to the east such as India for example had to travel all around Africa to get there. As reported in Debka today, Saudi Arabia and Egypt are building a bridge across the Straits. This will not only allow Israeli ships to be attacked from above, but it gives the Saudi Army a land route into the Sinai opening up another front against Israel. Forty Years ago The Arab League had a plan to establish mid east peace. It wasn’t called the Saudi Plan then, it was called driving the Jews into the sea. Despite the name change the basic plan remains the same.
Just like 40 years ago when Israel faced enemies from within Lebanon, Syria, Egypt, and Jordan. Today Israel faces Hezbollah from Lebanon, Syria, Fatah from what used to be Jordan and Hamas from what used to be Egypt. Its almost like nothing has changed. Well actually— a few things have changed. Forty years ago Israel had a Strong Prime Minster in Levi Eshkol, brilliant Foreign Minister in Abba Eban, and an heroic Defense Minister in Moshe Dayan. Today the Jewish State is in the hands of three stooges Olmert, Livni and Peretz. Forty years ago Israel had confidence and swagger. Today that bravado has been dampened by this past summer’s war in Lebanon. Israel needs to regain the confidence she had in 1967 in order to survive the threats she faces today. The only way for Israel to survive the threats she faces today is to replace her weak leadership

Keep the pressure on. All three of the stooges: Olmert, livni and peretz Must go!