In Maxine Waters’  warped mind President Obama hasn’t screwed up the economy, he has only screwed it up for Black people. And when he announces his jobs plan tonight he better direct it to the Urban areas where African-Americans live.

Waters complained today that the first half-African American President hasn’t really shown the love to the black side of his DNA.

“There are roughly 3 million African Americans out of work today, a number nearly equal to the entire population of Iowa. I would suggest that if the entire population of Iowa, a key state on the electoral map and a place that served as a stop on the president’s jobs bus tour were unemployed, they would be mentioned in the president’s speech and be the beneficiary of targeted public policy,” Waters said in a statement to POLITICO on Thursday.

“So, one question to be answered this evening is, are the unemployed in the African-American community, including almost 45 percent of its youth, as important as the people of Iowa?” Waters asked.

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According to the labor department, unemployment in the African American community is much higher than the 9.1% average (16.7 percent). Heck in my house the adult unemployment rate is 66.7%. Its not that she wants to target African Americans instead of adults who live in my house. Its not even that she wants the jobs effort to target people of her race ignoring the almost two-thirds of the people in her own district. Where liberal racists like Maxine Waters go wrong is that a jobs plan shouldn’t target any people.  It should target the businesses that create jobs. The way you get people back to work is not come up with stimulus jobs, or a Roosevelt-type CCC for urban areas.  Programs like that didn’t work for Roosevelt, they didn’t work for Obama in 2009 and they won’t work today. 

The only way that Waters will get what she wants, lower unemployment in the African-American community is to cut regulations, cut corporate taxes and take away the uncertainly most business are facing today. Only then will company’s begin to hire in a big way, and jobs will flow back into the US from other countries. 

Sadly that is not the objective of Ms Waters, she just wants to hurt the country and African Americans by burdening them with more debt that will never be offset by a greater number of taxpayers in good jobs, paying taxes.That is the best way to create revenue and to bring America off the progressive-caused abyss.

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