Three years ago, there was a movement to ban math because woke people claimed it was racist. Now the ban math movement is back. The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics has gone ultra-woke. It is now demanding that schools stop teaching math and instead teach about “social justice” to combat “privilege” and “oppression” in mathematics.


Before going on, you should know–although my son graduated cum laude with a degree in advanced math, I hate it!

In High School, my Algebra grade was in the high 90s, but geometry followed, and I barely passed. Then in my junior year, I was forced to take trigonometry. The only reason I didn’t get a failing grade in trigonometry was some boys at a private school stole the answers to the trigonometry regent’s exam (the NY State-wide test). Therefore it was canceled. The only reason they got caught was they some money by selling the answers. Those boys will have a special place in my heart till my dying day. I still have nightmares about “soh cah toa” (sine, cosine, and tangent), but I still think it’s about what to do when you break a toe.

But math wasn’t a racist class. It made most of the students in the class sick to their stomachs, no matter their race or ethnic background. And they still are sick when a discussion includes any numbers. Hence the statement about non-related topics, “You said there would be no math!”

The National Council of Supervisors of Mathematics (NCSM) disagrees. They believe that only certain people have trouble with math. They have gone ultra-woke and are now demanding that schools stop teaching math and instead teach about “social justice” to combat “privilege” and “oppression” in mathematics.

The National Desk reported that the “education” group put out a statement showing that they no longer are about math but instead care about left-wing lunacy.

“A social justice stance requires a systemic approach that includes fair and equitable teaching practices, high expectations for all students, access to rich, rigorous, and relevant mathematics, and strong family/community relationships to promote positive mathematics learning and achievement,” the group said in a recent statement. “Equally important, a social justice stance interrogates and challenges the roles power, privilege, and oppression play in the current unjust system of mathematics education—and in society as a whole.”

The group went on to recommend that schools do a yearly audit to make sure it is pushing “social justice” in place of math.

This “anti-education” group added that math is “unjust” because it is “grounded in a legacy of institutional discrimination based on race, ethnicity, class, and gender.”

They’re wrong math is “unjust” because it’s so damned hard, no matter the student’s race, ethnicity, class, and gender.

“We must hold the profession and our organizations accountable to making a just and equitable mathematics education a sustainable reality,” the NCSM said.

Once again, we see another organization whose purpose has been torn down and replaced with leftist dogma. It is just another group once dedicated to science and education, now lowered to pushing the left’s dangerous anti-education agenda.

Liberals truly destroy everything they touch.


Parts of this post were first seen at Patriot.