Massachusetts Remedial Voting Program.
Source: Reuters Photodoctoring Group, November 1, 2006

Massachusetts Department of Education Department announced a remedial voting program this morning. In a press conference from the Norton Women’s Education Complex this morning, education department head Gregg Hughes said, “The classes will be designed to better prepare the state’s HS students for voting in upcoming senatorial elections.” Hughes continued, “We always elect such losers, we have one guy, Kerry, who thinks that the heroes serving our county in Iraq must be school dropouts. The other guy, Kennedy not only killed a woman in a car accident, but also tried to work with the Russian government to undermine the Regan administration. This is the state that gave America Cheers—we can’t be that dumb. In fact, We have smart people in Massachusetts I am sure they can vote much better if they get little guidance

Sources say that Hughes will name former Boston Department of Traffic Safety Head, Anthony Cumia to lead this new education initiative.

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