If there is ever a CSI for birds the wind farms in the States of Washington and Oregon are in big trouble. And the fate will be no different for wind farms across the world. A recent study in Klickitat County, Washington shows that active wind farms in Washington and Oregon kill more than 6,500 birds and 3,000 bats annually.Talk about unintended consequences.

Biologist Orah Zamora spends her days walking around wind turbines in search of dead birds and bats. Most of her surveys turn up nothing, but every once in a while she finds a carcass that may have been felled by a whirring blade.

“It’s like a crime scene, and you try to figure out what happened. Sometimes, it’s really obvious because you see a slice mark,” Zamora says.

Zamora’s monitoring at the Windy Flats project is part of a larger series of surveys to assess how the wind-power boom is impacting birds that must now share air space with the towering turbines.

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Yikes, will the same environmentalists who work to prevent drilling because of potential threats to sea life, now protest the building of wind farms? Or will they say its a small price to pay for “clean energy?”

The surveys, which are financed by the wind industry, indicate that wind power is a relatively minor hazard to birds. But some scientists say it is still too soon to discount the risks posed by the rush to develop Northwest wind power. They are particularly concerned with the plight of hawks, eagles and other raptors, which are large, long-lived birds at the top of the food chain.

One survey at Big Horn Wind Farm in Klickitat County estimated that more than 30 raptors were killed during an initial year of operations — more than seven times the number forecast in a pre-construction study. The dead raptors included kestrels, red-tailed hawks, short-eared owls and a ferruginous hawk, which Washington state lists as a threatened species.

http://images.spoof-media.com/thespoof/misc/resize_531844_tweety.jpgWait a second ! These are the same folks that bash scientific studies financed by the Oil industry and they are accepting studies financed by the wind farm industry? Don’t they realize, these wind farms killed Tweety Bird! Look at that poor animal now in Heaven.

 Wind-power advocates say “these deaths are an acceptable trade-off for development of a renewable energy source.” They also note that man-made hazards and house cats account for tens of millions of bird-related deaths per year. According to Mike Sagrillo, a consultant who writes for the American Wind Energy Association, bird mortality “at wind farms, compared to other human-related causes of bird mortality, is biologically and statistically insignificant.”

See! What did I tell you?  The environmentalists believe that its OK when when one of their favored energy sources kills animals, but when its a petroleum based energy source they have a canary I mean a cow. Once again we see the hypocrisy of the environmental movement.