Appearing on Nexus with Matthew Moore, social media star Bill Mitchell, and Yippy CEO Rich Granville seriously schooled Mashable’s left-wing tech writer Matt Binder about the threat of Google attempting to rig the coming 2020 election.

Part of TRT World (Turkish Radio and Television Corporation), Moore’s Nexus claims to be a fast-paced look at the news of the day. Moore breaks down the news using a stream of data from the Internet and tries to focus on the big picture as well as the finer details.

Mitchell, Granville, and Binder appeared on Nexus on July 4th as host Moore explored the idea that Google is trying to rig the 2020 elections against Donald Trump by manipulating Internet searches.

Moore opened the program noting that Project Veritas conclusively proved that Google has plans to swing the election to whoever the Democrat nominee will be. Google denies it, but the evidence seems overwhelming that Google’s public protestations are false.

That set up the discussion between his three guests, which got a bit heated.

Mashable’s tech writer, Matt Binder, slammed the Project Veritas video that exposed Google, not because of what is in the video, but because it came from James O’Keefe. The liberal writer bashed the source, but not not the content.

Mitchell noted that the video was pretty straight forward. The Google exec directly said in her own words that Google is working to prevent Trump’s re-election. Granville agreed.

“We’re talking about Google here,” said Granville, who created the search engine Yippy. “We’re talking about Google trying to game the results to push out the president of the united states. There’s no editing involved here, the words were clear, they were spoken, and they were delivered in a manner that can leave no other interpretation.”

Naturally, as both Granville and Mitchell spoke, the t-shirted Binder can be seen childishly scoffing and mugging for the camera in disgust on the screen.

In any case, the facts in the O’Keefe video are obvious. Jen Gennai was clearly saying that Google wanted to prevent Trump’s re-election.

Binder later went on to claim that Google only allows search terms to come up based on the most popular searches. But, as the Veritas video shows, Google actually pushes its own terms to try and skew results to topics they favor politically — not organically.

Granville noted that Binder has admitted that he does not know how to code or engineer and he does — after all he created a search engine. Granville said it is clear that Google tries to guide users to its own political ideals and does not just program its search engine to reflect popular search terms.

The discussion moved onto just what can be done about all this. Mitchell said that the issue may need to be handled via anti-trust rules. Mitchell also noted that he is under constant censorship by Twitter using its backdoor algorithms.

This is an excellent strong discussion about the issue that is well worth watching, on the video below:

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