Warrior vs Wuss (Steyn vs SocKPuppets)

Mark Steyn appeared on a Canadian online TV Show called the Agenda Debating Three Anti-Free Speech Muslims. NO! NOW! Hot for jihad and upside assimilation. Steyn is the warrior alone! The best is Steyn begging the Islamists (the three “law students”) to debate him “it’s not a chair issue!” SOCK PUPPETS: “I am Pakistani Muslim born in Canada” (huh?) “I am taking almost quotes from the text” (an almost quote WTF?)
Here’s Steyn’s Online report of the Battle

Well, we did the TVO show and I doubt it was Must-See TV, even by the standards of Canadian public broadcasting. I succeeded in bouncing the Sock Puppets into agreeing to a face-to-face discussion, though it wasn’t my finest hour or theirs. I believe the final words of the show were me saying, “Do you wanna go to dinner?”, and Khurrum Awan yelling back, “No.”
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