The Lid had the honor of being the guest of Mark Schaftlein on his program The Schaftlein Report. Mark and I had a great conversation, giving our unique perspective about the latest issues of the day. Including: Mark Schaftlein report 

  1.  Crime spikes in DC – Gun violence outside Major League Baseball stadium. Instead of blaming guns, liberals have to get the criminals off the street
  2. CUBA – Biden wants to allow people in via southern border but not from Cuba (because after suffering from communism, Cubans tend to vote conservative. You don’t see anyone on a raft going from Miami to Cuba because Americans aren’t as stupid as the liberals think we are.
  3. Five Texas Democrats that came to DC now test positive for COVID. The technical term for this is KARMA. Their maskless bragging pictures taken from the airplane makes them look extra stupid.
  4. CRT – In Virginia, opposition to CRT continues to grow. Democratic Gov. candidate says CRT is a Trump plot.
  5. General Petraeus warns Afghanistan could disintegrate into chaos. Is it the withdrawal or how it’s being done?
  6. Inflation could morph into Stagflation but Biden claims inflation is short-term. Obi-Wan Kenobi tells Biden, this is not the inflation you were looking for.
  7. 64% of Americans don’t think VP Harris is ready to be President. More proof that Americans aren’t as stupid as the liberals think we are.
  8. AZ Audit – 74K ballots returned that have no record of being sent,  Investigation continues but only 200 confirmed cases of questionable ballots
  9. Both Republican and Democratic governors say no to requiring masks after LA County reimposes mask mandate for indoors. LA Sheriff refuses to enforce the new mask law.
  10. Biden Administration blames China for the cyber-attack on Microsoft. Did he make the CCP angry? Will they now cut his son Hunter’s pay?
  11. Ben & Jerry’s to stop selling ice cream in Judea, Samaria, and East Jerusalem calling them occupied territories. Decision clashes with parent company Unilever. They are introducing a new ice-cream flavor called Cherry Intifada with Hamas Hazelnuts.

Make sure to watch Mark’s program every weekday. It’s posted at  8PM on the Schaftein Report website or on the Shaftlein Report’s Facebook page, which can be found by clicking here ( I am scheduled to be a guest again on 8/4).

Watch the show below– I promise you will find the program entertaining, informative, and at times a bit snarky (it wouldn’t be The Lid without some snark


Mark Schaftlein report