You can tell that CPAC loves Marco Rubio, as I entered the Exhibit Hall of the Marriot Waldman Park it seemed as if I was entering a Rubio rally. The Conservative Republican running for the Senate seat in Florida is clearly the favorite son of conservatives from all over the country.

Waiting for the program to begin one could feel the electricity of the 10,000 people waiting for it to begin. As a veteran of many sales meetings conference CPAC seems like one of those affairs, giving the faithful the tools they need to go out and make the case for their products.

Marco Rubio was given the difficult task of opening the conference, rallying the faithful and setting the “agenda” for the next two days.  Rubio did not disappoint, he gave a stirring speech and set up the conservative agenda.

Rubio talked about his immigrant parents, and how the present government seems to be changing the American system to match the economies of other countries. He wondered, Why do we adopt the policies of governments whose people come here, to the here to the United States to get a better life.

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Rubio talked about bi-partisanship, he reminded people that of course conservatives will work with the liberal on bi-partisan programs,  it all depends on what exactly they want to do.

If they want to work with leaders who want to fix America we will work with them. But if they want to change change America we will fight them every setp of the way

His specific agenda includes

  • Reform the tax code lower tax rates.
  • Eliminate double taxation such such as  capital gains, Interest taxes, and death taxes.
  • Lower the corporate taxes to make us more competitive with other countries.
  • Stop oppressive energy legislation,
  • America should stay out of the insurance business, but should create simple insurance changes. And implement tort reform to lower costs.

Rubio talked about his defense agenda. He reminded the conference that the Islamists do not attack us because we insulted them, but because they want the world to have the world adopt their radical religious beliefs.

“We will do whatever it takes, for however long it takes, to defeat radical Islamic terrorism. We will punish their allies like Iran. We will stand with our allies like Israel. We will target and we will destroy terrorist cells and the leaders of those cells. The ones that survive, we will capture them. We will get useful information from them. And then we will bring them to justice in front of a military tribunal in Guantanamo — not a civilian courtroom in Manhattan.”

Rubio said November’s midterm elections would be “a referendum on the very identity of our nation.The issues are so big, so consequential, so generational, that many of the old rules of political engagement will not apply”

What it makes America great, he said, there are dreams that are impossible everywhere else, that are possible here. All over the world we find governments that control the economy and pick the winners and losers.The ones who have influence on the government wins.  Only in America could someone who is an employee one day become the employer.

In his short 25 minute speech Rubio electrified the audience and proved why the polls show he as been able to overtake the candidate of the Republican establishment Governor Crist for the GOP nomination for Senate.