One of the stories constantly pointed out in the immediate aftermath of the Boston Marathon Bombing was how the various agencies worked seamlessly together.  The coda to that story is if they worked together seamlessly before the bombing it might have never happened.

 Today we are finding out that information wasn’t shared with the Boston Police department but then again the Boston Police didn’t use the information it did have.

Despite receiving multiple warnings from Russia about Tamerlan Tsarnaev and adding him to a watch list of potential terrorists, the FBI did not pass on any of its intelligence to Boston police. 

Ed Davis, the Boston police commissioner, said he did not learn of the FBI’s file on Tsarnaev until after he had already been killed in a shootout with police several days after the bombings.

We would have liked to have known,” said Davis  “But, he said, “we were not aware of the two brothers, we were not aware of their activities.”

In fact, Davis testified, it was more than three days after the April 15 bombing, after Tamerlan was killed in a police shootout and Dzhokhar was on the run, before he learned about the Tsarnaevs.

“We didn’t look at the brothers until after the shootout,” he said.

“The idea that the feds have this information but it’s not shared with state and locals defies why we created the Department of Homeland Security,” said Mr McCaul, a Republican.

Mr Davis said his officers would have “taken a hard look” at Tsarnaev if they had been briefed by the FBI but could not say whether more information would have prevented the attack.

Perhaps Mr. Davis should have used the old Steve Martin line “Hey I Forgot!”

But there is another revelation perhaps even more telling.  The LA Times reports that

Five days before two bombs tore through crowds at the Boston Marathon, an intelligence report identified the finish line of the race as an “area of increased vulnerability” and warned Boston police that extremists may use “small scale bombings” to attack spectators and runners at the event.

The 18-page report was written by the Boston Regional Intelligence Center, a command center funded in part by the Department of Homeland Security that helps disseminate intelligence information to local police and first responders.

The “joint special event assessment” is dated April 10. It notes that at the time there was “no credible, specific information indicating an imminent threat” to the race.

“The FBI has not identified any specific lone offender or extremist group who pose a threat to the Boston marathon,” the report reads.

The crux of all of this news is not that the FBI or the Boston Police “screwed up,” its that the American have returned to a 9/10/11 mentality;  Beautiful skies the world is a peace and everyone loves us. Partially, it’s because of Obama’s refusal to recognize that we are in a war against Islamist terrorists but also because we tend to forget the smells, sounds and fears we all absorbed on 9/11/11.

We must never forget what happened to us on 9/11 or 4/15, we must not forget that there are people in this world who hate us because of who we are and what we represent…because when we do—we leave ourselves open to being attacked again.