UH-OH it looks as if the American People are not as stupid as the progressive Democrats in power believe. The Democrats don’t realize that George Bush is no longer president, but the American people do. According to a new Fox News poll, by a whopping margin of 76-18% Americans believe that its high time President Obama stopped blaming his predecessor for everything.

The Democrats have been shaping their midterm message to campaign against President Bush, itsw vote for us, or its back to the bad old days of George Bush. That’s right Barack Obama and his progressive majority are going to take a page out of the kindergarten playbook. “Its not my fault….blame Bush.”

The majority of voters still believe that it was George Bush who got us into the economic mess 47%-32% an overwhelming majority want the President to “man up.” Interestingly even those voters who feel that it was Bush who got us into this mess, the majority (55%) want Obama to start taking responsibility.

Voters are not optimistic about the economy. The vast majority of voters (88%) believe that we are still in a recession. Out of that group, more than half (48 out of 88%) believe its going to get worse. Six percent (half)  think the recession is over  but we may be getting another one.

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The president’s approval level remains the same as two weeks ago, 43% approve, 49 disapprove of the job President Obama is doing. As you would expect, most Democrats (77 %) approve of Obama and most Republicans (81%) disapprove. Independents weigh in on the disapproval side (46-42%).

In a related question by a 63-32% margin voters believe government has gotten so big it is hurting the future of the country.

This poll shows that not only has public opinion moved away from the Democratic party, but the strategy they are using to try to get back into the voter’s good graces, “Blame Bush” simply will not work.

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