Sometime this morning, Sen. Diane Feinstein (D-CA) will release the Democratic Party Senate Intelligence Committee’s $50 million investigation of Bush-era CIA interrogation tactics on detainees in the years following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

The report itself will reveal nothing really new, it will be a consolidation of information released over the years, but it will present partisan conclusions designed to slam George W. Bush one more time, and to protect congress people such as…well Diane Feinstein.

The report itself comes in the middle of a war, and it goes after many Americans who are still engaged in fighting it. In preparing for this act of reckless legislative narcissism, neither Feinstein nor her Democratic party colleagues on the Intelligence Committee interviewed any of the key figures in the programs they will supposedly be exposing. Interestingly the same progressives who support the release of the report, justifiably trashed a Rolling Stone rape story because it did not interview the accused.

Also keep in mind Eric Holder’s Justice Department twice has investigated the conduct of CIA employees involved in these programs and decided not to bring charges.

On the House Side, Intelligence Chairman Rep. Mike Rogers (R-MI) is worried the report will bring violence upon on our American heroes fighting overseas, diplomats, our allies, Americans traveling overseas, and Westerners being held prisoner by terrorists.
Indeed even the White House warns there will be violence (but they still think the report should be released): 

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“There are some indications … that the release of the report could
lead to a greater risk that is posed to U.S. facilities and individuals
all around the world,” Earnest acknowledged. “So, the administration has
taken the prudent steps to ensure that the proper security precautions
are in place at U.S. facilities around the globe.”  

John Kerry asked Feinstein to delay the release to protect our allies and those being held prisoner.

And U.S. officials separately confirmed to Fox News that an advisory has been sent urging U.S. personnel overseas to reassess security measures in anticipation of the release. The message directs all overseas posts, including those used by CIA personnel, to “review their security posture” for a “range of reactions that might occur.”

A similar statement was being sent to military combatant commands to assess their readiness. Pentagon spokesman Col. Steve Warren said Monday the combatant commands have been urged to “take appropriate force protection measures within their areas of responsibility.”

Asked whether the CIA report ought to be released, Warren said that is a “higher-level policy decision,” but added “there is certainly the possibility the release of this report could cause unrest.”

Leon Panetta former Obama CIA director believes the report should not see the light of day.

So with all of these warning, why is Sen. Feinstein releasing the report? A few reasons.

Before any of these enhanced interrogation techniques were used Congressional leaders were briefed.  Remember Nancy Pelosi asked “is that all you can do?’

She is releasing the report to be able to get one more swipe at the Bush administrations.  And she is releasing the report to show one final burst of power because in a few weeks she becomes moves in the the minority.

What we are hearing from the progressives as the reason the report is being released is a lie. This isn’t about learning anything new. They already have told us there is nothing Americans don’t know about in the report. So If America knows about everything in the report the only reason it’s being released is politics.

And it’s bad politics. Any report that puts Americans in danger should not be released. But Diane Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues don’t care, they want to go out with a bang.   Feinstein and her Democratic colleagues, will be leaving their majority positions with the legacy of a massive dump of
intelligence details which even if there’s nothing new will aid and encourage the enemy in a time of war. And it’s not that she hasn’t been warned.  Secretary of State John Kerry expressed the
concerns of allies about increased violence. A National Intelligence
Council report warned of threats to embassies, installations and
individuals, and explored how partners would react to the disclosure, etc.

Any deaths caused by their narcissistic release will be on their heads but sadly that will give no comfort to the families of those killed or injured by their reckless release.