Its astounding how much press has been giving to Bo, the new white house dog. It was the headline news story for at least two news cycles, the day before he arrived at the White House and the day he showed up. Admittedly Bo is a cute puppy, and judging by his outfit (right) the puppy may be evidence that the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy is here to stay, it seems as if the press has shied away from the real news and wasted its time on a dog of a story. Take a look at what also happened this week. These are some of the stories which the MSM deemed less important than the Obama’ family’s new dog:

  • The UN Security council finally reacted to North Korea’s provocative missile launch.  Unfortunately it was the diplomatic equivalent of “next time, I will tell your mommy.”
  • After months of speculation, Israel’s new Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu said that he would work to a two state solution if the Palestinians recognized Israel as a Jewish State, the Palestinians said no.
  • Pakistan continued to section off parts of its country and hand it to the Taliban.
  •  Iran’s Ahmadinejad  gave President Obama the answer to his outreach:You Are Weak, Your Hands Are Empty, And You Can’t Force Us to Do Anything; Nearly 7,000 Centrifuges Are Spinning Today at Natanz, Mocking You. 
  • At least a half a million people participated in a nationwide tax revolt (and they are still counting the number will grow) 
  • The US has done nothing (besides using angry words) to reduce piracy in the Oceans off Somalia.

Media bias is not always about the words used to describe a news story, sometimes bias is about the priority given to a news story.  The President puppy is cute (although not as cute as my dog Soos, below). But It is hard to justify their editorial decisions putting the  “First Pooch” as a more important story than those listed above.  This week, as in most weeks, the mainstream media has given us proof that it is going to the dogs.