Perhaps when he drew the “red line” about the use of chemical weapons, the President was convinced the WMD would never be introduced into the Syrian “civil” war. At a minimum he never considered what he would do should that line be crossed.

Now that the line as been crossed it is clear that Barack Obama’s naivete has caused another decline in the international perception of the United States. While our allies such as Great Britain and Israel are convinced chemical weapons have been used this administration is clumsily claiming that more proof is needed while they scramble to figure out what to do next.

Today Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel floated the trial balloon that the U.S is considering arming the Syrian opposition. Part of that oppositions is is a group called the al-Nusra Front which was declared an al-Qaeda affiliated terrorist organization by the State Department at the end of last year. At the same time they expressed concern that the al-Qaeda loyalists and radical Islamists are planning on taking control of the opposition movement creating a terrorist state if/once Assad is toppled.

In other words, by arming the opposition, the Obama administration will be sending weapons to al-Qaeda to be used against the United States.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel said Thursday that the Obama
administration is re-thinking its opposition to arming the Syrian
rebels, as officials weigh a range of options in the wake of findings
that chemical weapons were likely used in the country’s civil war. 

“Arming the rebels — that’s an option,” Hagel said at a Pentagon news conference. 

Asked directly if the administration was reconsidering its opposition to that option, Hagel said “yes.”

The comment cracks the door open, if only a little, to the U.S. getting more involved in the bloody Syria war. 

President Obama, speaking separately at a press conference in the
middle of a trip to Mexico, said Thursday that Hagel’s remarks were
“what I’ve been saying now for months.” Obama said the U.S. still needs
to “look before we leap,” and make sure any steps the country takes
serve to advance the cause of regime change.

Perhaps Obama should consider looking before he leaps into calling the use of chemical weapons in Syria a “red line” that could prompt U.S. action if crossed.

Now the President has a conundrum. If he does absolutely nothing Obama continues is five-year long pattern of looking weak. With the possible exception of John McCain and his Mini-me Lindsey Graham, there is no support for putting boots on the ground (thank God). Arming the rebels is suicide because those weapons most probably will be used against this country.

There are no good guys in this war, a despicable tyrant vs a terrorist organization. This country doesn’t have a fundamental interest in backing either side. This country’s only fundamental interest is those chemical weapons and making sure they don’t fall into the hands of the al-Nusra Front.

Perhaps our only logical move is some sort of limited special forces operation or series of airstrikes that destroys the chemical weapons and the ability of either side to use them. Anything more or less (including arming the terrorist rebels) is unacceptable.