I spent lunchtime at a rally in front of the Israeli Consulate the purpose of the modest assembly was to let the Jewish state that to end the appeasement of the Palestinian terrorists

In the middle of this picture is Buddy, one of the organizers,
singing HatikvaThis is Rabbi Mordechai Yitzchok Friedman spoke at the rally
Doesn’t he look a little like the Guy from the movie the Hebrew Hammer ?
this is the guy from the Hebrew hammer for comparisonEveryone who was there had tons of ruach

The attendance was disappointing (around 100)
but that was through no fault of Eva and Buddy (below)
Who worked very hard to put things together
Here buddy is getting someone to sign the statement
they wrote to give to someone at the consulateHey Folks Look who’s here
my friend Pamela AKA Atlas Shrugs

Pamela and I were schmoozing with the crown.
The guy she is with comes to the consulate to protest
almost every day
This guy wasn’t really part of the rally
he was a bike messenger that tried to get
the Jews at the rally to accept Jesus as their personal
Savior…I didn’t see anyone say yes.

This is my Dog Soos who wasn’t at the
Rally but her picture was in the camera. Soos Sit !

Pamela has more pictures on her site although no pictures
of my Dog. Click here to see her post NY Protest: Jew Hatred at Annapolis