Sports Reporter Kevin Blackistone, believes that there is another war going on where President Obama should step in and protect these civilians. No these civilians are not being bombed, beaten or shackled. They don’t toil in the fields for no wages like slaves, in fact these ill-treated people make an average of $1.9 million dollars per year. They are  pampered, treated like stars and some of them are even forced to endure the attention of some of the prettiest “babes”  in their respective cities.

These wretched souls Mr Blackistone is advocating for are the NFL Players.  And despite the fact that President Obama is trying to manage three wars, an Economy still down in the dumps and a federal deficit that is driving the country into bankruptcy (all of poorly) Blackistone believes that the POTUS should drop everything and help those downtrodden football players.

You see according to Blackistone, they are millionaires, but only for two or three years on average (true) and besides the NFL is trying to break a union, and its the President’s job to step in and help any union.

Obama may have made a politically astute move by not picking a side in pro football’s offseason showdown. But it smacked of disingenuousness after he criticized as “an assault on unions” Walker’s proposal to strip public-sector employees of collective-bargaining rights. The NFL owners’ fight against the league’s proletariat, regardless of the players’ wealth or the public’s perception of it, differs very little from the Wisconsin battle.

The NFL fight is a serious attack on unions. In mid-March, team owners locked out the players, who decertified their union to challenge the league’s antitrust protection. The players then filed a court complaint to recoup more than $4 billion in TV revenue they claimed the league “left on the table” during recent contract negotiations.

The president may be as misguided as were 1987 fans, who had also remained cool toward striking NFL players.

Indeed, more than 25 years later, retired Packers tackle Ken Ruettgers still remembers that the players had little public support when he and his NFL brethren went on strike against league owners and management.

Here is where Blackistone’s argument loses me.  While I agree if the President gets involved in one union skirmish he should get involved with them all, but the fact is the President should keep his progressive little fingers out of union skirmishes.  His interference in Wisconsin were almost as disgusting as the AstroTurf protests set up by the Demcratic Party and the President’s own website. He ordered the Government to favor unionized shops for construction even though only 13% of construction shops are unionized.  That alone raised the taxpayers cost for government construction jobs by 20% In the Auto Bailout, he screwed the investors and the Amercian Taxpayers to give the UAW more than it deserved. And Blackistone wants the POTUS to get involved  in football? Hasn’t he given the unions enough?

I can just see it, thanks to President Obama, a big screen TV in every hotel room will be a constitutional right. And no more team buses, its a fleet of strech limos, no more than two players per limo (isn’t that in the Good and Wellfare Clause?).

Sorry Mr. Blackistone, collective bargining is not a constitutional right, not for millionaires or teachers. And in the long list of national priorities, helping the NFL Players Union comes right after my constitutional right to extra cheese on my pizza.

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