There is no other way to put it,  Louis Farrakhan is an cockroach, a blight upon the earth. I thought we were done with this man of hate. Two years ago he gave what he said was his last public speech because he was suffering from prostate cancer. Lord please forgive me, but the date of his passing can’t come soon enough.

This SOB has been inciting hatred against Jews his entire life. He hates Caucasian Americans almost as much as he hates Jews. The nicest thing he ever said about the Jews was Judaism is a gutter religion. Last year Farrakhan crawled out from under his rock it to blame the death of Michael Jackson on the Jews, then he switched to a new theme, the Jews turned Major Hasan into a killer.

The latest nonsense pushed by this merchant of hate, is that today’s Jews are fake. They are not the Children of Israel, American Blacks are, Jews just use their monetary power to keep the black man down.

Continuing on his tour of hatred, last month Farrakhan appeared on Al Jazeera English and spewed more venom.

Louis Farrakhan: Under President Barack Obama, there is the FBI that has been planting agents in mosques around the country, stimulating those who are hateful of Israel, hateful of Jewish people, inspiring them to acts of terror, and then capturing them and putting that on television, as though this is the norm in mosques throughout this country.
Louis Farrakhan: There have been Jews and Muslims and Christians living together in the Middle East for hundreds of years, and they have not killed each other. This is a recent phenomenon by Europeans who accepted Judaism, and then used their view of this Holy Land as theirs. And since in 1948, the United Nations — mainly European countries, with only Ethiopia representing the black Africa — giving Israel a home in Palestine… So now you have Europeans coming into Palestine… They are not Semitic. They are Europeans.
In Israel, they are persecuting the Semitic Jews, who have been there for thousands of years. They are persecuting the Falasha – the Ethiopian Jews. In fact, just about a month ago, I read that some European Jews did not want darker-skinned Jews to go to school with them. This is not Judaism. This is racism masquerading under the name of Judaism.
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Louis Farrakhan: I put this before the world: Mullah Omar, the Taliban leader of Afghanistan, said to President George W. Bush while Osama Bin Laden was living in Afghanistan: “Show me the proof that this man is guilty of this heinous act, and I will turn him over to you.” What proof have we heard from these wicked deceivers that, in fact, it was Osama Bin Laden? As Muslims, we should force them to show us the proof.

DAMN! We Jews are very good. One part I don’t understand, how exactly did the Jews fool the Lord into thinking we were the children of Israel. You know, with God being….well GOD and possessing that all knowing and all seeing thing, exactly how did we pull that off.

It is Farrakhan who is a fake, he calls himself a man of God, but its hard to believe that God would want to work with such a slug, who promotes hatred and venom in the world.